Fast & Automated POS tools

FTx’s super-fast cloud-based POS system allows you to carry out all types of billing, payment, inventory tracking, and other operational tasks

Multiple Seamless Payment Options

FTx’s cloud-based POS system offers multiple online and offline payment options for credit/debit cards with mobile payment integrations

One System with Many Solutions

With the powerful FTx POS Professional Office Services, you can operate and manage almost all types of software through your cloud-based terminal. The many integrations offered to make it easy for any business owner or expert in their field to get things done quickly and with ease

High-Tech, Advanced Solutions Provided by FTx to Magnify the Output

Our technological cloud solutions for professional services are extensive, proficient, futuristic, and cost-effective, as well as helpful for all types of professional services businesses.

Cloud-Based POS Software

A user-friendly professional service cloud-based POS software with a fully customizable interface.


Digital Signage Solutions

Perfect in-store marketing with hardware and software solutions for digital signage to engage and communicate with customers more effectively.


FTx Loyalty

Create different types of loyalty programs and implement manufacturer loyalty schemes to retain customers by rewarding them for being loyal.



FTx offers several in-house integrations that assist you in managing every aspect of your professional services business. From in-store marketing to managing supply chains, we’ve got you covered for different needs.


Amplify Your Business Revenue with FTx Add-ons

Avoid glitches in the internet or IT infrastructure, and promote extra add-ons and upsell products while the customer is checking out.

FTx MSP Services

FTx Solutions MSP services for professional services point of sale keep the pulse of your business’ mission-critical IT infrastructure healthy, by monitoring your business’ software and hardware networks regularly for virus attack and hard drive crashes, so as to give you maximum uptime.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Network Failover with Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE
  • Remote Monitoring and Management Solution with ESET antivirus software
  • 24*7 Technical Support

FTx Uplift

Grow your revenue by upselling slow-moving products with the help of custom-made offers created for FTx Uplift. You can empower your cashier with smart sales pitches, which display on the FTx Professional Services POS System, for different types of UPCs.

  • Integration with FTx Professional Services POS Software and Digital Signages
  • Customer-facing displays to show offers and discounts
  • Custom develop offers through Control Center
  • Get access to FTx’s free Graphic Designer Software FTx ADPro

High-Tech, Advanced Supply Chain and Order Management Solutions
Provided by FTx POS to Magnify the Output

Deliver Omnichannel Customer Service with a Centralized Order-Management System

Give your customers the freedom of online ordering and the option to pick up products from one of your offline stores. You can also give the option of returning an online ordered product through your offline brick & mortar store with the help of a completely centralized order, inventory, and warehouse management software – FTx warehouse that can easily be integrated with FTx POS system

  • Keep track of orders from different channels
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Increased bottom line
  • Avoid errors and increase efficiency
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Scalable POS Solutions for Large Enterprises

FTx POS solutions are scalable and can adapt according to your business’ growing needs. Since most of the solutions we offer are cloud-based, they can be easily expanded because of the flexibility of data storage.

  • Cloud-based POS solutions to accommodate your growing needs
  • Exceptional load bearing capacity
  • 24*7 Technical support ensures maximum efficiency
  • A dedicated data security solution - FTx MSP
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FTx Integrations for Professional Business Services

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FTx Digital Signage Integrations

FTx digital signages can be integrated and controlled with FTx POS system

Payment Integrations

Payment integrations allows you to offer multiple payment options to your customers

Apps & Channels Integrations

Integrate operations management apps, online marketplaces, fulfillment centers, 3PLs, and more with your Cloud POS system