Automate Routine Tasks with FTx Enterprise POS Software Tools

Manage billing, payment, tracking, inventory, and many other routine tasks by using automated POS tools. Our cloud-based POS system helps you accomplish tasks in an efficient and hassle-free way.

Payment & Billing Management

By using a cloud-based POS system, you can offer multiple payment options to your customers that will ease the checkout process. You can accept a payment both offline and online with mobile payment integrations with our POS system.

Manage Multiple Tasks from a Single System

Our cloud-based FTx POS system helps you operate and manage multiple software. Several POS integrations offered by our POS system helps enterprises get any work done in a quick and efficient manner.

Get Technological Enterprise Point of Sale Solution by FTx POS to
Manage Your Enterprise

Our advanced and high-tech POS solutions are extensive, futuristic, and affordable, helping enterprises manage routine operations seamlessly.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Get on the fast track to success with our complete enterprise solution. FTx provides the software and hardware solutions to increase profits, retain customers, and expand your enterprise business.


Cloud-Based POS Software

Our cloud-based POS software offers a fully customizable interface that allows you to customize a POS system as per your business requirements.


Digital Signage Solutions

FTx POS offers the best in-class hardware and software digital signage solutions for effective customer engagement and to communicate your brand message to customers in an impactful manner.


FTx Loyalty

You can customize different loyalty programs and manufacturer loyalty strategies to retain your loyal customers and reward them with loyalty points for purchases made by them.


POS Integrations

With several FTx POS integrations, enterprises can manage all aspects of their business. From managing supply chains to in-store marketing, all different needs of enterprises can be fulfilled with FTx POS integrations.



FTx POS partners with enterprise businesses of all industries to solve critical issues. Providing a broad range of services and solutions,
we ensure that our clients achieve their corporate vision while optimizing performance and productivity—and we can do the same for your enterprise company.

Backup & Disaster Recovery You Can Count On

FTx MSP services can help protect your mission-critical infrastructure, including servers and workstations, giving you maximum uptime if and when disaster strikes your enterprise.

  • Snapshots of your servers every 15 minutes
  • Nightly backups are stored in off-site data centers
  • Our remote monitoring & management solution includes ESET antivirus software for increased security
  • Seamlessly continue operations and transactions when your network goes down
  • Eliminate transaction slowdowns and lost sales due to connection issues

Convey Your Corporate Brand with Style with FTx Uplift and FTx Digital Signage

Engage and educate your customers with FTx Digital Signage, FTx Uplift, and the user-friendly, professional graphic design software, FTx AdPro.

  • Increase impulse buys with strategically placed digital signs
  • Design & display digital menu boards
  • Decrease waiting times and deploy promotional campaigns across multiple locations
  • Schedule ads days, weeks, months, or years in advance


Build Your Digital Infrastructure with Retail POS Systems for Enterprise Businesses

FTx Infotech brings innovation and scalable technology to enterprises seeking robust, responsive website design, and mobile applications.

  • Build responsive, dynamic web pages that educate, convert customers, and display brand messages
  • Execute sales with fully functional eCommerce solutions customized for the B2B and B2C industries
  • Enter the mobile world with custom multi-functional and user-friendly apps for both Android & iOS
  • Expand your digital footprint with captivating online marketing campaigns that grow and retain your social following
  • Utilize advanced technology, SEO services, digital marketing techniques, and a range of business solutions for your enterprise
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FTx POS Tools for Enterprise Businesses

Our fully automated and truly user-friendly point of sale system supports enterprise businesses.

  • Customer loyalty rewards program integration
  • FTx Time Clock to streamline payroll
  • Biometric security features
  • FTx Director provides cohesive organization and digital signage integration
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FTx Integrations for Enterprise

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Digital Signage Integrations

You can manage digital signage and its content by integrating it with the FTx POS system.

Payment Integrations

It helps you ease the payment process by offering multiple payment options for customers, offline or online.

Apps & Channels Integrations

With the help of apps and channels integrations in the cloud-based FTx POS system, you can integrate different online marketplaces, fulfilment centers, operations management apps, 3PLs, and several other things.