cloud based pos system for professional services

Refine Stock, Track Product Results, Reward Customers & Achieve More with Cloud Based POS System

Manage & Control Sales, Inventory & Everything in Between with a Cloud based Point of Sale System. Save Valuable Time, Money & Effort by Automating Daily Routine Operations

How is FTx Cloud POS Software Beneficial for Professional Services?

The benefits of our Cloud POS Software are numerous, and we're confident you'll find them compelling. With so many features at your disposal - like real-time inventory tracking or automation capabilities for instance – there's no question why this software is best in class!

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cloud pos software for retail industry

Upsell via Customer Facing Display

  • Grab customers' attention through customer facing display
  • Suggest upsells, promote current specials or sales, or thank them for their loyalty
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Increase sales opportunities by promoting products through your employees and on your customer facing display

Permission Based Layout

  • Give select cashiers access to specific buttons
  • Track use of negative action buttons like no sale, item return, etc.
  • View and report any activity in full detail in real-time
  • Helps to restrict access to certain staff members

Loyalty Management

  • Cloud POS system lets you track customer details
  • Create personalized offers & promotions for loyal customers
  • Suggest the best products for each customer
  • Improves customer retention

Add Payment Channels

  • Seamless checkout experience for customers and employees
  • Add different payment options for customers
  • Offer customer satisfaction
  • Helps in easy checkout and payment process

FTx Cloud POS System comes equipped with integrated tools
that help professional services manage their routine operations efficiently

Consider different POS integrations like payment integration and
CRM integrations to streamline your business operations

Set Payment Channels

Helps in Setting Up Different Payment Channels

Set different payment channels so customers can easily make payment via card, cash or any other online transfer. Cloud Point of Sale Solution supports all modes of payments and different payment channels, making each transaction hassle-free & easier to handle.

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Maintain Consistent Price

Maintain Consistent Prices Across All Stores

With cloud POS software, you can maintain consist prices across different stores. You can gain access to a digital database of products that you can view, amend prices, apply special offers, discounts, etc. The same price gets reflected automatically across stores by the click of a button, leaving no space for any discrepancies.

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Integrate CRM

Gather Customer Information via Integrating CRM with POS

When you integrate CRM with Cloud POS software, you can gather customer details and their preferences. You can offer customized rewards, offers & discounts to loyal customers for their purchases resulting in customer satisfaction and retention.

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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management

  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Retail
    Increase revenue and profits and reduce operating costs with retail automation.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Consumers
    Enhance consumer experience and ensure that consumers keep coming back.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Employees
    Easy to use touch-enabled UI POS system and cloud-based control center to help manage your business remotely.
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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management


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Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Cloud POS has great importance for any sector be it food and beverage, retail, or professional services offering industry. The main reason is that it gathers all the essential data related to sales, inventory and customers. Using this information, you can easily calculate and run marketing campaigns that encourage customers to visit your store while maintaining your bottom line.

There are 4 different types of POS systems offered in the market:
  • Mobile POS system
  • Counter based POS systems
  • Online POS – E-commerce
  • Omni-channel POS

A POS transaction is where a customer makes the payment for goods or services. A POS transaction may take place online or in person with receipts that are generated electronically or in printed form. A cloud-based POS system has gained huge demand and popularity among merchants for tracking transactions.

To maintain a cloud POS system, you need to choose POS software that offers excellent customer service, regularly backup data, keep hardware in neat and clean condition and purge old data.