cloud-based pos system solutions for f&b

Increase Turnover & Enhance Efficiency by Presenting Digital Menus at the Table with a Cloud Based POS System

Offer Digitized Menus at the Table for Customers Convenience and Deliver a Great Ordering Experience At Your Restaurant

Unlock Exponential Growth with a Cloud-Based POS System

Leverage the fantastic benefits of a cloud-based point of sale system for restaurants and streamline your business operations to reach new heights.

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cloud pos software for retail industry

Offer Contactless Order & Payment Facility

  • Offer an automated menu display at the table
  • Multiple payment options to customers
  • Allow customers to view the menu directly, order, and pay for it right from their smartphone
  • Offer contactless order facility to speed up order & billing process and encourage social distancing

Accept More Orders with Delivery & Pick Up Facility

  • Reach customers where they are by integrating your cloud POS system with third-party food aggregators
  • Sync your app with food delivery apps and sell across channels
  • Get orders from the app, maximize delivery zone and consolidate online and offline orders on a single screen.
  • Streamline delivery service and keep serving customers.

Smooth Checkout Experience with Customer Facing Display

  • Show breakdown of customers’ orders on customer-facing display.
  • Visually present product information like item details, total amount, tax percentage, and total price for the order
  • Set up your customer-facing display easily and pair it with your cloud POS.
  • Promote combos and offer discounts through CFDs

Reduce Waiting Time

  • Speed up your restaurant operations with a cloud POS system and reduce wait time for customers
  • Set up a self-service kiosk that allows customers to order and pay for food Items and avoid booking queues considerably
  • Enable contactless ordering and reduce perceived time.
  • Easy to use UI with touch-enabled screen, cashiers can quickly take and manage orders with few clicks


The key to success for restaurants is flexibility and security. FTx Cloud POS was designed with these principles in mind, so you can grow without sacrificing the needs that matter most - like better service and protecting customer data.

Better Order Processing

Simplify Order Processing with Cloud POS Software

You can seamlessly process orders from different sources like website, apps, third-party aggregators and online ordering platforms. Enable smooth coordination between chef and waiter with the help of kitchen display systems to deliver great experiences to customers.

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Better Security

Avoid Thefts & Pilferage with Cloud POS System

Keep tight control over inventory with cloud POS. Get real-time details of sales and stock status, track inventory consumption, and check for discrepancies between physical and ideal stock. You'll be able to see at a glance any information regarding inventory pilferage issues and limit access to your selected staff to avoid theft.

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Unified Portal

Manage Everything from One Place with the Best Cloud Based POS

Our Cloud based POS system gives you the freedom to check in on your stores from any part of the world. Manage everything from inventory to restaurant staff, all from one place. You can manage multiple stores remotely and update product list, prices, inventory, set system security, and lots more with just a few clicks.

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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management

  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Retail
    Increase revenue and profits and reduce operating costs with retail automation.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Consumers
    Enhance consumer experience and ensure that consumers keep coming back.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Employees
    Easy to use touch-enabled UI POS system and cloud-based control center to help manage your business remotely.
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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management


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Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

A restaurant POS is a point-of-sale system that processes the transactions taking place in a restaurant. Since it is cloud-based, it works both offline and online, to ensure that daily operations at your restaurant never stop.

Restaurants should choose cloud-based point of sale systems after taking into consideration the following factors: · Budget limit · Consider features offered by restaurant POS · Consider technology requirements of your restaurant POS · Test and do evaluations of POS customer support · Refer to customer reviews · Consider future prospects · Decide the best suitable POS for your restaurant

The best features of cloud pos solution are: · Speedy & easy-to-use interface · Easy to manage · Inventory management and control · Quality reporting · Table reservation and management · Setup and configure menu · Training on usage of POS system · Marketing tools · Easy & fast billing

It's important to have a cloud POS system in a restaurant because it allows business owners to track cash flow, sales, food inventory and helps to streamline daily operations in an efficient way. It tracks every transaction that takes place in a restaurant and also helps to avoid employee theft and pilferage.