Engage, Attract & Repeat Customers with Customer Loyalty Programs Data

Engage, Attract & Retain Customers with Customer Loyalty Programs Data

Food and Beverage Loyalty Programs make customers feel special by offering them personalized rewards, offers, freebies, special day discounts & coupon codes based on their preferences & budget.

Maximize Retention and Engagement with FTx Loyalty

Food and Beverage loyalty programs with unique loyalty campaigns for retention and customer acquisition, FTx loyalty helps you design unique
reward and referral programs to increase revenue and make your brand popular through word-of-mouth advertising.

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loyalty solutions

Easy Enrollment Process

  • Create a simple loyalty rewards program that is easy to understand and user-friendly
  • Make the enrollment process a cakewalk
  • Encourage customers to enroll in loyalty programs through exciting rewards
  • Let your customers register their friends and family members through intelligent referral campaigns
Reward Loyalty Points

Reward Loyalty Points

  • Motivate customers to visit your restaurant and reward them with loyalty points for each visit and a certain amount spent.
  • Encourage customers to re-visit and refer your restaurant to others
  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention by providing delicious food and extra points to the advocate if the referred customer eats from your restaurants
  • Allow customers to redeem loyalty points or specialty items for discounts on your products and dishes
Exciting Deals & Coupons

Exciting Deals & Coupons

  • Custom design and offer enticing deals and coupons to your loyal customers
  • Create and schedule offers and give surprises for special days like their birthday or the anniversary of the day a member signed up
  • Communicate through SMS, push notifications, and emails and keep customers updated about your offers
  • Carry out umbrella loyalty programs to offer deals on other restaurants under your umbrella
Redeeming Rewards

Redeeming Rewards

  • Provide a lucid, simple, and easy process of redeeming rewards
  • Provide consumers with redemption options for points and create an opportunity to upsell when they return to your restaurant
  • Make your reward program an integral part of your consumers’ eating out or ordering in plans by providing customized reward redemptions
  • Understand customer behavior by their purchase and reward redemption pattern


Offer customers a better experience by analyzing and understanding customer behavior through digital receipts, personalized offers, and loyalty campaigns.

Seamless Checkout Process

Digital Receipts with Loyalty Rewards Program

Offer digital receipts to customers using loyalty rewards management system. It allows restaurant owners to speed up the checkout process and helps avoid fraudulent acts. Restaurant owners can track each customer’s preferences and deliver relevant offers/rewards at checkout to enhance customer experience and improve personalization.

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Consumer Behavior

Track Consumer behavior with Customer Loyalty Program Software

Get in-depth sales reports and measure average spend for each customer’s visit and track how often a customer visits your restaurant. Measure ROI and increase retention and sales with the help of reports generated by loyalty management software.

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Intuitive Campaign Options

Create rewarding campaigns for your Customer Loyalty Programs

Building a loyalty campaign through your customer loyalty program is a great opportunity to introduce customers to your new items or entice them to purchase slow-moving products or dishes. Customers will be encouraged, rewarded, and loyal towards your brand if they know that their hard-earned points can easily translate into something valuable for them.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

Customer loyalty programs are designed especially for restaurants and their customers. These programs keep track of spending patterns of repeat customers to reward them with loyalty points which can be redeemed for rewards.

Below are the ways restaurants manage a loyalty rewards program: · Reward customers in the form of loyalty points on each visit · Create a simple loyalty program · Offer beyond monetary rewards to offer a personalized experience · Create an effective digital and mobile strategy for restaurant loyalty program · Train and educate staff regarding restaurant loyalty program

A Customer reward program is designed to reward customers who frequently interact with a brand. With an effective customer retention strategy, you can encourage customers to buy from your brand over and over again. The more interaction or engagement with a brand, the more rewards a customer receives.

· Collect customer data · Create brand awareness · Customers feel valued · Attract more customers · Helps in customer retention · Boosts sales & revenue