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Manage Inventory with FTx Warehouse – Inventory Management Software

Get Complete Control of Your Inventory in Store and Online with Warehouse Inventory Software for Your Food and Beverage Business.


Take your business operations to a whole new level. Minimize errors, increase efficiency, decrease losses by managing perishable inventory, and handle multiple locations from a single portal.

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automated warehouse management software for retailers

Product Management

  • With the help of inventory management software, you can create SKUs categorizing products according to type, brand, and supplier.
  • Track and find a product easily through SKUs
  • Implement product serialization
  • Track product journey from the day it is received to the day it is shipped out

Inventory Tracking

  • Manage inventory KPIs and automate daily tasks to save time and increase efficiency
  • FTx Handheld device enhances inventory count efficiency
  • Manage inventory in real-time across multiple locations
  • Integrate warehouse and supply chain system with your restaurant POS to help prevent stock out and overstock issues

Enhanced Reports, Location Picking & Pricing

  • Generate accurate everyday inventory reports
  • Assign price lists to account groups to quickly pair them to customer accounts
  • Improve location picking with up to ten location levels with FTx Handheld
  • Manage multiple pricing of items and maintain consistent pricing across all locations

Marketing & Customer Service

  • With the use of inventory and order data, you can seamlessly manage operations and create marketing campaigns
  • Create loyalty programs and generate coupon and discount codes
  • Create clever product combos with accurate inventory information
  • Manage inventory smartly to ensure there are no stockouts

Increase Profitability and Promote Growth of your Food
and Beverage Business with FTx Warehouse

Increase your bottom line and promote growth by managing inventory tightly, avoiding losses due to perishable inventory spoilage, and minimizing dead stock.

Demand Forecasting

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Through detailed reports and insights of inventory, you'll know which products are in demand among customers and which products are not. This helps improve business decisions when ordering items and planning out your inventory management.

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Reduce Losses

Avoid Obsolescence & Spoilage with FTx Warehouse

By having accurate information about your inventory, you can avoid obsolescence and spoilage of items. With FTx Warehouse, you can keep track of your inventory in real-time and view at a glance, the items available in stock. Save time by scheduling orders automatically when any item is about to exhaust in your inventory.

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Inventory Reports

Maintain Stock Levels with POS Inventory Management Software

Get detailed reports and insights for stock levels with inventory management software. This data helps improve decisions pertaining to inventory. You can easily track stock levels at any point and avoid overstock or stockout problems.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

Implementing inventory management software requires integration, data quality, and training.

Yes, we require inventory in supply chain because inventory management is important for any company so that excess stock is not formed and customers' demand is met. The optimal balance for inventory can be achieved only through proper planning and managed inventory.

Inventory can be defined as the products/goods you sell to your customers. Businesses acquire inventory with the intention to sell them to customers in some form or the other.

Working stock forms, a vital part of total inventory that helps a company to meet the demands of usual products.