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Reach a wider audience, increase engagement rate, and generate more leads with a digital signage system.


Offer irresistible visual appeal and help customers make better purchasing decisions leading to increased sales

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Promote Special Items & Events

Promote Special Items & Events

  • Take advantage of the eye-catching effect of a digital signage system
  • Make use of high-quality digital signage to promote special events and products
  • Use screen-based signs to inform customers about an upcoming sale or
  • Increase chances of sales and profit margins


  • Make use of digital signage software to build healthy and valuable relationships with your customers
  • Helps keep your staff on brand
  • Use screen-based signs to show your company’s history and values to help customers relate to your company
  • Helps in retaining customers and increasing brand loyalty
Improved In-store Experience

Improved In-store Experience

  • With interactive digital signage, you can give the best in-store experience to customers
  • It helps customers explore in-store specials and products, browse menus, and make selections depending on their needs
  • Influences purchasing decisions
  • Captivates the attention of customers and entertains your target audience
Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • With interactive digital signage, you can instantly grab the attention of potential customers
  • Leave everlasting impressions on the minds of customers and give them the freedom to browse and buy without any assistance
  • Promote products to influence impulse buys
  • Increased chances of sales leading to high profit margins

FTx Digital Signage Helps Educate, Inform & Engage Your Customers
and Helps in Enhancing User Experience

Reach a wider audience and help generate increased leads using an interactive digital signage system

Special Offers

Highlight Special Offers with a Digital Signage Management System

With the best digital signage software, you can easily and quickly showcase special offers taking place now or in the future. When you showcase special offers, it leads to brand awareness among your customers and increases your chances of making a sale.

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Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty with Top Digital Signage Software

A digital signage system helps you turn shoppers into loyal customers. Your content and messages displayed on screen can encourage shoppers to sign up and use loyalty programs and download shopping apps. Screens kept near popular products can entice customers to make an impulse purchase. Customers can always be notified about special deals, sales, events, news, and the latest updates.

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Valuable Insights

Valuable Insights with Cloud Managed Digital Signage

With digital signage advertising software, businesses can generate actionable data to get in-depth insight into their customer base. Consolidated data analytics can help to create an optimal store layout and organize it in a manner that influences customer choices. With valuable insights, you can improve inventory management, merchandising, manage staff, and ensure great customer experience.

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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management

  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Retail
    Increase revenue and profits and reduce operating costs with retail automation.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Consumers
    Enhance consumer experience and ensure that consumers keep coming back.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Employees
    Easy to use touch-enabled UI POS system and cloud-based control center to help manage your business remotely.
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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management


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Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

A digital signage system has the capability to capture the attention of current and potential customers. It provides your target audience with valuable and engaging content and effectively communicates with your customers regarding promotional offers to create brand awareness.

This is one of the key benefits. You can change content on digital signage simply at the touch of a button with digital signage software.

Below are components required for the best digital signage software:
  • Display
  • Media Player
  • Content Software
  • Networking
  • Mounting

Below are some steps to make content for digital signage system software:
  • Make sure that content is simple, concise and to the point
  • Proof-read & edit content (if required)
  • Support branding message with graphics & images
  • Rotate content as and when required
  • Add call-to-action to your display messages
  • Think from a social media aspect