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FTX Digital Signage For Enterprise Businesses improves customer experience and builds customer relationships


Take your enterprise business's digital signage up a notch with these additional solutions from FTx POS.

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enterprise add-ons for your digital signage


  • This graphic design software features intuitive tools and user-friendly templates for creating professional-looking ads
  • Choose from our library of industry-specific templates
  • Utilize drag-and-drop tools to personalize your content
  • Export digital content for social media & boost brand recognition online


  • Cloud-based dashboard lets you create, edit, and schedule your digital content
  • Upload photos, graphics, and media files to feature in your digital content
  • Select from our industry-specific layouts
  • Rotate promotional ads with customer relationship building content


  • Decreases perceived wait times and promote add-on meal items
  • Program menu board signage to automatically switch menus at designated times
  • Upload images of menu dishes to enhance menu board item accuracy
  • Upsell & cross-sell menu items to maximize customer orders


  • Schedule digital menus, ads, and special announcements to display at different intervals of the day
  • Never forget to switch out meal menus
  • Run specific promotional campaigns during peak hours
  • Display accurate greetings & information at any point of time

Enterprise Digital Signage Solutions Designed by Expert Retailers

Capture consumer attention and drive sales with in-store digital advertising that uses dynamic graphics, rotating digital ads, and engaging CTAs.

Organize Campaigns

Easily Organize Your Digital Signage Campaigns

Our cloud-based dashboard, FTx Control Center, gives you the freedom to create, edit, and schedule all of your digital content. You can update digital content anytime and showcase ongoing offers and in-store promotions. Easily schedule digital ads to be played automatically on digital signage across different locations by the click of a button.

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POS Integration

Scalable Software that Integrates with Your Enterprise POS

FTx Digital Signage integrates seamlessly with FTx POS so that your digital signs instantly update when a change is made to product prices in FTx Director. This ensures price consistency across different locations and avoids issues of discrepancies in product price.

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Digital Signage Add-ons

Digital Signage Add-Ons that Generate Professionally Designed Content

Our graphic design software, FTx AdPro, features intuitive tools and user-friendly templates that make it easy to produce professional-looking ads. You can choose your desired template and utilize our drag-and-drop tools to create attractive ads that suit your promotional requirements and help you carry out brand awareness and increase sales.

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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management

  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Retail
    Increase revenue and profits and reduce operating costs with retail automation.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Consumers
    Enhance consumer experience and ensure that consumers keep coming back.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Employees
    Easy to use touch-enabled UI POS system and cloud-based control center to help manage your business remotely.
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  Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management


We have partnered with Hewlett-Packard to provide you with
the most reliable and top-quality hardware for your POS.

HP Engage One Stand

Customer Facing Display Stand
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Thermal Printer

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Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer
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Barcode Scanner

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Customer Facing Display

Customer Facing Display
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Digital Signage Android Media Player

retail digital signage hardware
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Mouse & Keyboard

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Unitech EA630 Android Handheld

automated warehouse management software for retailers
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HP Engage One Pro System

POS hardwaresolutions
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Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

There are a number of reasons why digital signage is a better business option for in-store advertising than printed signs. The greatest reason is cost. Though there are more upfront costs associated with digital signage systems, the long-term financial savings of installing digital signs is noticeable. Beyond the incredible savings, digital signage has been proven to be far more attention-grabbing than printed signs. In-store digital signs offer dynamic, contextual content updates that aren’t an option for alternative in-store signage. If you own an enterprise business and have multiple locations, scheduling your digital content to digital screens across locations is fast and easy.

Even though consumer TVs are less expensive than commercial-grade digital signage displays, you will end up spending a fortune attempting to get your consumer TVs to function compatibly with professional-grade digital signage media players. Consumer TVs are built for home use where interior lights can be dimmed to enhance the TV viewing experience. Meaning that these TVs are simply not "bright" enough to serve their purpose within a well-lit retail environment. Plus, consumer TVs are not designed to withstand more than 8 consecutive hours of usage per day. The smartest choice is to invest in commercial-grade digital signage displays that are compatible with your entire digital signage system.

Yes, installing digital signage can be complicated. yes. For this reason any professional expert will tell you that DIY digital signage hacks are not worth it for enterprise businesses. That being said, you don't have to worry that the digital signage provider you choose will abandon you to install the system yourself. We guarantee that won't happen if you choose FTx Digital Signage. Our technicians can install your system, and we also offer online training courses and webinars to help you get the most out of your new system.

We provide scalable digital signage solutions that can easily adapt and grow with your business to meet ever-changing requirements of technology and your business.