pos addon's with FTx msp and FTx uplift software

Expand & Excel in Your Business with FTx POS AddOn's – FTx MSP and FTx Uplift

Give your cashiers and sales executives the right tools to increase upsells with FTx Uplift while FTx MSP will ensure maximum uptime and support your IT infrastructure.


Make the checkout process an exciting job for your cashiers with a chance to earn through upselling and ensure your customers are never inconvenienced from a network failure or server issues.

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add-ons for your food & beverages point of sale system
Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Back-Up and Disaster Management

  • Get server snaps every 15 mins with FTx MSP & safeguard your data
  • Ensures the safekeeping of backups by sending them to off-site data centers
  • FTx BDR brings the server online within half an hour in case of server downtime
  • Avoid losing data as system sends alerts to you in case of a hard drive crash
Network Security/Management

Network Security/Management

  • Advanced tools for network security & management
  • Firewalls, routers, and access points – Get all the hardware and software in one place!
  • Verizon failover modem ensures all card transactions are executed, uninterrupted and keeps the system running even in case of internet connection issues.
  • Maintain system security and stay PCI compliant with ESET antivirus software, an inclusion of Remote Monitoring and Management solution (RMM)
Lifeline Support

Lifetime Support

  • Full access to documentation, training videos, FAQ’s, and helpful articles
  • The Control center allows your internal IT staff to monitor the condition of your software and systems at any time
  • Train your employees to manage and maintain the system efficiently
  • Get 24*7 support for all your technical issues
FTx Uplift with Customer Facing Displays


  • FTx Uplifts gives you an opportunity to upsell more!
  • Make your cashier's jobs easy by creating unique sales scripts to use when upselling consumers.
  • Make your checkout process easier by displaying offers assigned to unique and designated UPCs
  • Consumer-facing displays allow boasting exciting offers, promotional messages, or billing and create an easy interaction between customers and cashiers.

What can you achieve with FTx MSP and FTx Uplift Add-Ons?

One thing that will set your company apart from your competitors is an efficient IT infrastructure supported by skilled employees who are responsible and create exceptional customer success in real time.


Achieve Increased Sales with FTx Uplift

A fantastic way to generate impulse sales at your register! With the FTx Uplift feature in the FTx POS Control Center, you can create, schedule, and successfully run campaigns that have the capability to trigger discounts or the assigned action when a given UPC is scanned.

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Protect Servers & Workstations with FTx MSP

With FTx MSP services, you can protect infrastructure which includes workstations and servers and offer you maximum uptime. Monitor the pulse of your business and avoid hardware and network related issues when you opt for FTx MSP solution.

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Create Brand Awareness Using FTx Uplift

Easily select an Uplift advertisement that you want to display on the customer facing screen of your POS to promote any product. Let customers know about money-saving offers and provide them with a percentage or dollar amount of total items/single item in the UPC list in Control Center.

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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management

  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Retail
    Automate your business operations to lower costs and increase revenue and profits.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Consumers
    Retain your customers and provide an enhanced shopping experience for them.
  • Superior POS & Business Solutions for Employees
    Manage your business remotely with a user-friendly Touch-based POS system and cloud-based control center.
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Cloud-Based POS and Business Solutions for Superior Retail Business Management


We have partnered with Hewlett-Packard to provide you with
the most reliable and top-quality hardware for your POS.

HP Engage One Stand

Customer Facing Display Stand
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Thermal Printer

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Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer
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Barcode Scanner

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Customer Facing Display

Customer Facing Display
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Digital Signage Android Media Player

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Mouse & Keyboard

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Unitech EA630 Android Handheld

automated warehouse management software for retailers
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HP Engage One Pro System

POS hardwaresolutions
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Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

FTx Uplift can bring awareness to new and slow-moving products or dishes, let customers know about money saving offers that boost customer experience and retention, and increases employee confidence while making an impulse sale.

Restaurants can revamp their operations with add-ons – they help streamline work, increase productivity and deliver an unbeatable customer experience! With the right and suitable add-ons like these, any restaurant is sure to be a success.

Add-ons such as handheld terminal, kitchen display screen, android order tab, etc.

Restaurant based cloud POS is different from a traditional POS as it allows you to integrate several useful features into your POS so restaurant owners can make use of online ordering and payment, accounting and analytic tools, customer relationship management tools, etc.