Earn More Incentives By Staying Up To Date
With Manufacturer Tobacco Scan Data
Guidelines With An Automated FTx POS System

Get updated on changes in manufacturer guidelines and incentives with
FTx POS’s unique scan-data tracking programs for tobacco retailers.

scan-data tracking programs for tobacco retailers

Improve Inventory sell-through rate with Multi-Item Tobacco Discounts

Boost sales volume by implementing manufacturer/brand offered discounts. With manufacturer buydowns, you can provide multi-can and multi-pack discounts on popular brand-name items, allowing you to compete with some of the bigger national chains.

Automated reporting, sales tracking, and managing data and offer changes from the manufacturer.

Stay up-to-date and learn about changes to market prices the same day they happen. With FTx POS, you can change the prices of products across multiple stores quickly and easily from one location using our mass updates feature, enabling you to take full advantage of Tobacco Scan Data.

tobacco scan data incentive tracking

Understand Consumer Behavior, Data Reporting, and Tobacco Scan Data Incentive Tracking

Direct reporting, improved data tracking, competitive & real-time price managing, and identifying buyer behavior trends to visualize total sales, top-selling products, revenue, in-store foot traffic, reimbursements, incentives, and more.

Moreover, with API, information is stored automatically and can be easily converted into a concise, easy-to-read report—saving retailers the time it takes to file reports manually.

FTx POS Tobacco Scan Data Integrations

FTx POS continuously upgrades its systems to stay updated with changing tobacco scan data guidelines from manufacturers.

FTx POS Supports Altria's Tobacco Scan Data Programs Including the Altria Group Distribution Company (AGDC) 2022 Digital Trade Program

Altria's new digital trade program has given an opportunity to retailers to use a digital loyalty solution to earn additional funds by providing offers and discounts to their customers. Become eligible for extra funds from Altria under the new AGDC DTP 2022 by integrating FTx POS through your own digital loyalty program using FTx Loyalty solutions. Manage & calculate tobacco scan-data sales and incentives according to the number of sales and offers. Our customer support team will assist you in implementing the Altria Tobacco Scan Data programs and managing the manufacturers' changes. You can enroll in the multi-pack program with FTx POS, giving you the power to compete with giant tobacco retail chains.

FTx POS Helps Tobacco Retailers Become Eligible for
All Three Tiers of Altria DTP 2022

Tier 1

FTx POS's Loyalty Solutions help you with the Submission of Altria Tobacco Operating Company transaction-level Scan Data (ATOC Scan Data) and All Other Tobacco Scan Data (AOT Scan Data). With this

You can earn Scan Data Base Incentives, Retailer Enablement Incentives, Scan Data Maintenance Incentives, and Consistent Loyalty ID (CID) Incentives. FTx POS reports transactions directly to Altria, so retailers can receive their reimbursement automatically.

Tier 2 

To receive benefits from tier 2, a retailer must meet tier 1 requirements plus:

  • Retailer Digital Platform available to Adult Tobacco Consumer (ATC) 21+ (e.g., mobile app).
  • Age Validation Technology (AVT) at all points of purchase for tobacco products.
  • Participated in Altria Tobacco Operating Company (ATOC) Retail Digital Coupons.
  • Executed ATOC offers via Unbranded Communications placed in the #1 position as determined by AGDC.
FTx POS's complete POS solution comes with advanced age verification technology and can empower retailers with digital platforms like mobile apps or websites.

Tier 3

In addition to meeting the Tier 1 & 2 Requirements (excluding ATOC Retail Digital Coupons), a retailer should also:

  • Execute the ATOC Responsible Branded Digital Advertising Requirements.
  • Demonstrate the functionality to deliver ATC 21+ value to specific Loyalty IDs (LIDs).
  • Execute in-app digital advertisements for ATOC offers.
FTx POS offers various options for digital advertisements, including email marketing, in-store marketing, online marketing, and advanced loyalty solutions for ATC 21+ to earn additional benefits from Digital Data Submission Incentives, Email Marketing EAIV Incentives, and ATC 21+ Data Incentives.

Scan Data Integrations

FTx POS also supports other scan data integrations to ensure that the retailers don't miss out on benefits.

FTx Pos Supports RJ Reynolds's Tobacco Scan Data Programs to Help Retailers Make the Most of Their Scan Data.

FTx POS's loyalty solutions help you track and manage the tobacco scan data incentives for RJ Reynold Scan Data Programs. Our retailer support team helps retailers stay updated with RJ Reynolds scan data guidelines and compete on a more significant level with giant tobacco chains.

FTx POS Manages RJ Reynolds Tobacco Scan Data Programs

Scan Data Incentives Program

FTx POS will collect data while scanning products, help you provide discounts as guided by manufacturers, and collect rebates from the manufacturers. Track and report RJ products' sales, automatically calculate the incentives earned, and submit the reports directly to the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Buydowns and Pricing

Manage and create offers to give extra discounts to your loyal customers with the help of the buydowns provided by RJ Reynolds. Change prices and implement new schemes rolled out by the manufacturers with the help of FTx POS's Loyalty solutions.

Direct Reporting and Data Tracking

Eliminate third-party service fees, send reports directly to manufacturers, and easily track and record all sales and product movements for accurate scan data reporting.

Offer Competitive Pricing

Get reimbursed for offering the same discounts as national chains without having to pay out of pocket.

Drive Traffic by Rewarding Loyal Customers

Integrate scan data info with your store's loyalty program and boost traffic by offering exclusive discounts to loyal users of your loyalty app.

Accurate Reporting & Hassle-Free Compensation

Tired of creating your reports all by yourself just to give part of your incentives to a third-party firm?

With FTx POS’s loyalty solutions, you can become eligible for scan data incentives from the manufacturer and earn incentives without having to worry about tracking your data. FTx POS’s experienced and advanced loyalty solutions will take care of everything for you!

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Automated FTx POS Loyalty Solutions for Your Tobacco Retail Business

  • Streamlined Scan Data Reporting with API Integration
    Collect customer information and send it directly to manufacturers using the FTx POS system.
  • Create Fast and Accurate Scan Data Reports
    Our APIs have been designed with the customer in mind; simply scan the customer's ID, and send the report straight to the manufacturer.
  • Customizable Loyalty Programs
    Implement manufacturer loyalty programs effectively with a few clicks and integrate them with your store's loyalty program.

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    appreciation from our clients

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    I would recommend FasTrax to just about anybody because of the ease of use of most of the functionalities, which are pretty user-friendly—and the support staff is great. We’ve been able to get a hold of our inventory control, pull the necessary reports we’ve needed, and just had better overall control of the whole entire company.

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    We’ve actually been with FasTrax since 1999. We use them because they’re one of the few technology companies with POS systems that are built for the tobacco company, that started in the tobacco industry, and actually caters to what we do every day. I would recommend FasTrax because of the people, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all about.

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    I’ve been using FasTrax since about 2014. It’s a very, very simple program to understand. My favorite feature of the software is the filtering options, where I have the ability to recharacterize thousands of items with just a few mouse clicks. I am also now able to make price changes in a more timely manner—before, it would take a day; now it takes an hour or less.

    Tony Cooper

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    We’ve been using FasTrax pretty much since its inception. We feel that the FasTrax POS register systems are really user-friendly, and I think that the fact that the company that owns FasTrax has their own retail tobacco outlets gives us something that has skin in the game as far as the ability to understand all of our issues because they’re simpler.

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