Solutions Developed Specially for New York's Business Needs

Consumers expect minimum wait time for their orders, five-star consumer service across channels, competitive pricing, on-demand 24*7 technical support, secure and fast payment & billing options. FTx's Cloud POS Solutions in New York have helped numerous businesses in the state grow efficiently by empowering them to smartly cater to their customers' expectations with multiple technological solutions and keep their operations streamlined, error-free, and profitable. FTx's business solutions have served businesses in New York, irrespective of their size and industry domain or any other professional service business.

With our offices based in New York and Alabama, you can get lightning-fast affordable and proficient support and services from FTx POS for your business. You can visit us and get 100% sure about the brand you choose.

ftx cloud point of sale solutions in new york

FTx Cloud Point of Sale Solutions in New York

Retail POS Software Solutions NY for all types of businesses help manage tasks like billing, payment, in-store marketing, and inventory tracking more proficient. Remotely custom design panels, assign & arrange your buttons, and access data anywhere.

  • Control in-store marketing with digital signage integration
  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Permission-based layout
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Best Digital Signage Systems in NYC

In-store marketing becomes easy and more creative with FTx Digital Signage Systems Solution in NY powered by cloud-based FTx Control Center and FTx AdPro, our graphic design software. Display menus, discount offers, interactive ordering screens can be scheduled for upcoming months.

  • Control and schedule Ads remotely in the FTx Control Center
  • Design attractive discount offers and menus with FTx AdPro
  • Integrate with your FTx POS system
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Increase Sales with FTx Uplift 

Create impulse sales with a customer-facing display powered by FTx Uplift that equips your cashiers with the scripts and tools to communicate your discount offers to the customers.

  • Create more sales
  • Increase revenue with FTx Uplift
  • Incentivize the upsells for cashiers
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ftx warehouse management for omnichannel service

Integrated FTx Warehouse Management for Omnichannel Service Delivery

Track inventory and the supply chain, and manage your warehouse with FTx Warehouse and FTx Handheld that can be easily integrated with your FTx Cloud POS system to record and manage inventory.

  • Centralize your inventory to go omnichannel
  • Decrease errors and increase bottom-line
  • FTP reporting and analysis for inventory control
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inbuilt ftx loyalty management software ny


Retaining existing customers is affordable and profitable. To expand your customer base, you can rely on the FTx POS loyalty management software solutions to create new loyalty programs and participate in manufacturer scan data programs.

  • Participate in Altria, Philip Morris, and RJ Reynolds scan data programs
  • Sign up a new customer by scanning their driver’s license
  • Designate your loyalty campaign as Dollars Per Item or Manufacturer Funded
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FTx AdPro - Best Graphic Design Software in NYC

FTx AdPro graphic design software for New York delivers professional results in spite of a user's design experience or skill level. With features like drag-and-drop tools and context-sensitive menus, the user-friendly FTx AdPro graphic design software helps you easily create eye-catching designs for menus and offers.

  • Integration with digital signage, control center, and FTx POS system
  • Intuitive design tools
  • Design and create your ads remotely
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Our Brands

We take the utmost pride in our renowned brands. Our years of hard work and efforts have helped us create our brands to serve clients satisfactorily using effective digital solutions and automated technologies.

FTx Cloud POS

With FTx Cloud POS, you can sell products in-store & online from any part of the globe. Leverage the power of the FTx Cloud POS system to grow and expand your business.

FTX Digital Signage

With the help of FTx Digital Signage, store owners can effectively carry out in-store promotions using attention-grabbing digital signage and stunning content that helps communicate your brand message to customers.

FTx AdPro

FTx AdPro is a graphic design tool for businesses that helps retailers with minimal design experience create professional graphics and attract customers. You can integrate FTx AdPro with digital signage and cloud POS to control in-store marketing proficiently.

FTx Warehouse

FTx Warehouse helps strengthen your supply chain—the backbone of a retail business—and increases your business’s bottom line. Integrate FTx Warehouse with our Cloud POS and centralize all your business operations.

FTx Loyalty

Retain, acquire, and engage customers to increase business revenue through the most innovative tools of FTx Loyalty. Integrate FTx Loyalty with FTx Cloud POS to manage everything from one portal and reduce the hassles of operations management.


Safeguard your mission-critical IT infrastructure, including servers and workstations, giving you maximum uptime with the backup and disaster recovery and network failover features of FTx MSP.

FTx Commerce

FTx Commerce provides a scalable infrastructure to support enterprise-level business transactions that require power and simplicity. Moreover, businesses can get reliable web hosting, software updates, & PCI compliance from FTx Commerce.

FTx Uplift

With FTx Uplift, you can empower your cashiers to upsell creatively, increase your sales, and promote slow-moving products to clear stock. Get customer-facing displays from us and integrate FTx Uplift to upsell products efficiently.

Other FTx Brands

Other FTx brands include FTx Global—for everything global; FTx Accounting—top-notch accounting services; FTx 360—best digital marketing and branding services in New York & Alabama; and FTx Infotech—for web and mobile development.

FTx Resources For Managing and Maintaining Your FTx Solutions Efficiently

Add-ons like FTx MSP helps you protect your mission-critical IT infrastructure—both software and hardware—with backup & data recovery and network failover features. Control all your FTx solutions from one window with the cloud-based FTx Control Center to help you be on top of your POS, warehouse, in-store marketing and loyalty solutions. FTx Lifeline helps you train your staff, provides hardware & system monitoring, and 24*7 Technical support.

Let Your Business Experience the World of Our Feature-Rich Solutions and Experience Exponential Growth!

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frequently asked questions

Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions 

The main components of a cloud-based POS system are a cash drawer, keyboard, receipt printer, debit/credit card reader, and computer terminal.

Using a Cloud-Based POS System for Retailers in NY, you can get benefits like increased data visibility and mobility, decreased downtime at the time of updations, data security, and streamlined information management across different locations.

It helps manage purchases, inventory, sales, accounting, and CRM from any place and at any time.

It helps businesses cut down costs, aids in improving security, increasing efficiency, flexibility, and performance, and offers the potential to develop new capabilities and innovation.