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With our POS solutions, consumers can experience decreased waiting times for their order and expect satisfactory consumer service across channels, competitive pricing, round-the-clock technical support, secure and speedy payment, and billing options. Get affordable and efficient support and services from FTx POS. Be it any sector, our POS solutions have served different businesses in Alabama regardless of industry type and size.

We have helped businesses grow and expand in Alabama by helping them cater to their customers’ expectations thanks to multiple technological solutions which have assisted them to streamline their routine operations. No matter whether it is any type of professional service business, FTx business solutions can satiate the demands and needs of any business regardless of size and industry.

FTx cloud pos alabama system

FTx Cloud POS Alabama System

The FTx Cloud Point of Sale (POS) technology is a website-based platform that allows users to handle online payments. Unlike traditional cash payment methods, cloud POS allows for payment to be made online. The firm needs a cloud point of sale system in Alabama since it contains everything required to modernize the organization. Apart from saving you a lot of time, it can also be reinvested to benefit both the firm and the consumers.

  • Money and time-saving
  • No forcing subscription
  • Supports numerous integrations
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FTx Digital Signage Management System

Digital signage management is a mashup of many components that includes software, hardware, and connectivity. These components work together to provide the best performance. The solution falls into three categories: audio/visual, video/entertainment, and directional/informational. Businesses need a digital signage management solution as it allows the company to have complete control of the display.

  • Easy to access
  • Easy to modify and schedule
  • Versatile
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FTx AdPro - Graphic Design Software

FTx AdPro is a complete service/solution that utilizes design software to promote and market the company. The graphic design solution enables small businesses to create professional projects without requiring in-depth skills and experience. It can be integrated with the FTx Digital Signage solution. Digital advertisements and menus can be managed efficiently.

  • User-friendly & digitized marketing
  • No experience/skills needed
  • Linked to other software
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warehouse management

FTX Warehouse and Inventory Management System

Control your inventory in the FTx Inventory and warehouse management system. You can list the price according to its group account and send it to customer accounts. Daily snapshots of company inventory help ease the reports and schedules of businesses. Track products’ availability and sell immediately.

  • All in your control
  • Effortless sorting
  • Fast & easy to monitor
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FTx Uplift

The FTx Uplift feature brings innovation to every industry with its scalable technology. The mission of FTx is to give the clients the most high-tech solution to add non-stop value to their business. And since FTx is an independent company, it can focus more on sustainability towards scalable and emerging technology.

  • Scalable technology
  • More value to your business
  • Creative development
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FTx Loyalty Program Management System

While it is more costly to have a new customer than to keep one already there, it isn't easy to sustain both. The vitality of both market content and customer sustenance is undeniable. The FTx Loyalty program is a great tool to increase the satisfaction and retention of both potential and existing customers.

  • Maintain customers
  • Increased satisfaction of consumers
  • Reward token system applied
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Take A Look at
Our Brands

We take the utmost pride in our renowned brands. Our years of hard work and efforts have helped us create our brands to serve clients in the most satisfactory way with the help of effective digital solutions and automated technologies. 

FTx Cloud POS

With FTx Cloud POS, you can sell products in-store & online from any part of the globe. Leverage the power of the FTx Cloud POS system to grow and expand your business.

FTX Digital Signage

With the help of FTx Digital Signage, store owners can effectively carry out in-store promotions using attention-grabbing digital signage and stunning content that helps communicate your brand message to customers.

FTx AdPro

FTx AdPro is a graphic design tool for businesses that helps retailers with minimal design experience create professional graphics and attract customers. You can integrate FTx AdPro with digital signage and cloud POS to control in-store marketing proficiently.

FTx Warehouse

FTx Warehouse helps strengthen your supply chain—the backbone of a retail business—and increases your business’s bottom line. Integrate FTx Warehouse with our Cloud POS and centralize all your business operations.

FTx Loyalty

Retain, acquire, and engage customers to increase business revenue through the most innovative tools of FTx Loyalty. Integrate FTx Loyalty with FTx Cloud POS to manage everything from one portal and reduce the hassles of operations management.


Safeguard your mission-critical IT infrastructure, including servers and workstations, giving you maximum uptime with the backup and disaster recovery and network failover features of FTx MSP.

FTx Commerce

FTx Commerce provides a scalable infrastructure to support enterprise-level business transactions that require power and simplicity. Moreover, businesses can get reliable web hosting, software updates, & PCI compliance from FTx Commerce.

FTx Uplift

With FTx Uplift, you can empower your cashiers to upsell creatively, increase your sales, and promote slow-moving products to clear stock. Get customer-facing displays from us and integrate FTx Uplift to upsell products efficiently.

Other FTx Brands

Other FTx brands include FTx Global—for everything global; FTx Accounting—top-notch accounting services; FTx 360—best digital marketing and branding services in New York & Alabama; and FTx Infotech—for web and mobile development.

The Right Tools Make All the Difference - FTx MSP
Protects Your Business Operations

The FTx MSP solution can protect your critical infrastructure just like workstations and servers. We aim to maximize your time in your business instead of the work. You can rest assured that FTx MSP will keep a good eye on your monitor and IT to see the pulse of your business. No more worries about a virus intruder or hard drive crashing because this software will let you know immediately by alerts. We aim to lessen hardware and network issues. By resolving the roots of the problem, you don't have to inhibit your business ability.

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frequently asked questions

Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions 

As stated in the descriptions above, cloud POS is easier to access than the usual POS. It also has a more dynamic inventory sortation with automated updates for your sales.

No required minimum contract needs to be filled in upon you signing up.

We have many solutions that will surely help any business regardless of scope. Our customer support system is reachable via email and contact details are attached in the About section.

  • It increases your access
  • It offers affordable scalability
  • It enhances and increases security

It means Software-as-a-Service. It is also a type of solution offered in cloud POS.

The tools of FTx can run on Windows and Mac as well. Depending on its capability, it may or may not work on your desktop.