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Cloud-Based POS System

Loyal-n-Save can easily be called a Santa who doesn’t wait for Christmas to gift people exciting rewards all year round. It’s a loyalty reward software that helps you earn from your spending. Every time you shop at a registered shop, you earn reward tokens, you can participate in amazing deals, and redeem your previously earned reward tokens. The platform is available on the website or can be downloaded on your mobile phone. It can also be accessed at its partner stores.

Hardware Partners

When it comes to hardware, we take the utmost pride in serving our clients with the best hardware as per their requirements. We have famous hardware partners, such as Unitech and Hewlett-Packard (HP), who help us source the best quality of hardware for every requirement.



Being a global solutions provider, Bluestar is our direct hardware distributor for HP and Unitech products. Apart from that, Blue Star is renowned for its new innovations in technology and also offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Allied Electronic

Allied Electronic

Allied deals with the development and management of the Aegis Forecourt Controllers. With over 40,000 Allied interface devices operating internationally, Allied provides the best hardware required for the fuel integration with POS.



Unitech provides automatic identification and capture (AIDC) technologies around the world. Unitech’s several products include IoT solutions, barcode scanners, rugged handheld PDAs, industrial tablets, and RFID scanners.

Hewlett & Packard (HP)

Hewlett & Packard (HP)

Hewlett-Packard (HP) doesn’t need an introduction. It offers a 3-year on-site warranty on the computers as well as a 3-year advanced replacement warranty on the peripherals that are bought from FTx POS. You can always check the status of the HP warranty by referring to your product number and serial number.

For additional assistance, call the toll-free customer service number: 1-800-334-5144

Merchant Services

Businesses can connect their POS to payment solutions, where merchant services play a vital role. Merchant services consist of a credit card processing terminal, a payment processor, a merchant account, and a payment gateway. Given the different components that make up merchant services, as a business, you need to make the best choice.


FIS is empowering businesses with its advanced banking credit/debit card processing services. It claims to be ahead of the conventional methods as it provides effective payment solutions across merchants and capital markets to help industries scale up their businesses.

For assistance regarding your FIS (Worldpay) processing hardware or account, call 800-846-4472

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Heartland is one of the leading solution providers for payment processing services for different industries, including tobacco shops, cigar shops, vape shops, restaurants, and many more.

You can contact them for credit/debit card processing solutions at 866-622-2390

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Datacap creates hardware payment solutions and processors for all types of POS systems. Datacap is FTx Global’s integration for credit card processing.

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Our Technology

We have reckoned names as our technology partners. They help sustain us in the market and help us cater to clients’ needs and exceed their expectations by delivering the best POS solutions.

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Merchant services usually consist of a credit card processing terminal, a payment processor, a merchant account, and a payment gateway.

We have reputable hardware partners who help us serve clients’ requirements. They offer the best hardware, as well as an advanced replacement warranty on peripherals. For any POS hardware requirement, you can rely on us.

Our reputable merchant partners enable businesses to process all forms of payments, including cash, debit/credit card, loyalty rewards, or gift cards, by using a payment processing device.

We have partnered with well-known names in the industry to serve our clients with the best POS solutions, whether it be technology, hardware, or merchant services. Also, it ensures that customers can rely on us for POS solution requirements and in return expect nothing but high-quality services.