Are you operating a convenience store, smoke shop, grocery store or other retail outlet that sells lottery tickets? If your
store is presently using a paper method of tracking and reconciling lottery sales, FTx Lottery will automate the process for

  • FTx Lottery reconciliation application gives you tailor-made inventory control designed specifically for your online lotto and lottery scratch-off games.
  • Once games are set up in your price book and designated as “lottery items” you can perform reconciliations at the store level using FTxPOS and from your back office/corporate office using FTx Control Center.


The lottery management software establishes a balance between starting and ending numbers within a game. All games
sold through the POS are assigned a game number and roll count.

  • Cashiers enter the ending counts, any games activated, and the details from the lottery machine. The starting count runs perpetually. The end number for one day will become the start number for the following day.
  • At the end of each shift, cashiers can reconcile the ticket sales using either a handheld device, the POS, or the Control Center. Once saved, previous reconciliations can be received through the Control Center for management/corporate review.
  • No more combing through giant stacks of scratch sheets! FTx Lottery allows management/corporate staff to easily track and report on what games were sold at the store(s), as well as spot variances created when an employee has erroneously or fraudulently changed the end counts, and adjust them in or out to reflect the correct inventory counts. Create permission levels to limit employee access to lottery functions.
  • Improve efficiency by selecting multiple Zs to perform a single lottery reconciliation per business day. You can also send invoices automatically to state gaming commissions using previous reconciliations, saving valuable time.
  • FTx Lottery’s detail-rich reporting allows you to filter reports by game, game number or bin, store location or department, as well as see at a glance which books are active and any variances that exist. Multiple filtering options allow you to see the data in exactly the format you require.
  • Put an end to frustrating paper methods of managing your lottery sales and reconciliation with FTx Lottery. Our solution was designed to increase reporting efficiency, reduce employee theft, and streamline and automate the reconciliation process.


  • Run inventory reports by department.
  • Choose multiple Zs to perform a single lottery reconciliation for a business day.
  • See at a glance which games are active
  • Activate new books easily when a book number for a game changes. Simply select the proper book, enter the new book number, and select activate.
  • Corporate is always notified of count changes and can see what the expected starting count was originally.
  • Invoices can be automatically created based on any activated book(s).
  • All variances, if present, are displayed in the “variances” column. Run variance reports using a myriad of filter options. See exactly which game was over/under.
  • Perform reconciliations from both the recon shortcut located on the Cloud POS or from Control Center.
  • Tracking inventory through both the Cloud POS and the Control Center allows corporate to compare the inventory evaluation to the store’s recon, and check for adjustments in the item analysis. No more wading through stacks of papers, manually checking scratch sheets!
  • The cashier detail report displays in detail everything related to payouts, making it easier to check for errors.
  • The variance report shows the exact game with the error so you can add or subtract from the inventory depending on whether the store was over or short.
  • Create permission levels to limit employee access.
  • Combine Sales Reports from multiple shifts using the lottery reports feature.

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