FTx provides full-service POS solutions to help restaurants bridge the gap between customer expectations and service delivery

Our full-service restaurant POS is an industry-leading POS and business solution package used by leading restaurants worldwide. If you want to make your restaurant operations more efficient, our POS for full-service can help.

Full-Service Restaurant Cloud POS

Cloud-Enabled Full-Service POS System

Our POS for full-service restaurants uses intelligent cloud technology, allowing you to oversee your restaurant from anywhere and on any device. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, you can keep up with your restaurant’s performance.

  • Use the software of any device—phone, laptop, or tablet—and manage your restaurant remotely
  • Generate performance reports and share them with team members
  • Manage multiple restaurants from a single dashboard instead of using a different POS
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Full-Service POS software

Comprehensive POS Features for Full-Service Restaurants

Our full-service POS software enables full-service restaurants to cater to various customer demands and offer them a memorable experience. Shorter wait times, error-free management, inventory transparency, and effortless payment processing are some benefits that users can expect with FTx POS.

  • Enter orders in the POS system and send them directly to the kitchen
  • Accept payments via several payment methods, such as cash, cards, e-wallets, and more
  • Manage loyalty programs and collect customer feedback
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Full-Service Restaurant POS integration

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

With FTx POS, you can take your business online and reach a greater audience. The software integrates with various food delivery and restaurant booking apps, allowing you to manage all aspects of your business in one place.

  • Integrate with food delivery apps like Uber Eats to accept food orders online
  • Integrate with restaurant booking apps to allow guests to book seats online
  • Integrate with other helpful tools like accounting software and payroll software
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Our Hardware Solutions

We supply complete POS systems with the latest, high-quality hardware.
Our hardware solutions include desktop terminals, handhelds, CPUs, media players, and corporate servers.

HP Engage One Stand

Customer Facing Display Stand
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Thermal Printer

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Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer
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Barcode Scanner

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Customer Facing Display

Customer Facing Display
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Digital Signage Android Media Player

retail digital signage hardware
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Mouse & Keyboard

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Unitech EA630 Android Handheld

automated warehouse management software for retailers
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HP Engage One Pro System

POS hardwaresolutions
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Manage Bookings, Accept Payments, and Collect Feedback with Our Specialized POS for Full-Service Restaurants

FTx POS for full-service restaurants helps you to establish a fully automated and integrated workflow in your restaurant. Cloud capabilities, robust features, and reliable hardware take your restaurant to the next level.

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Every Piece of the Profit Puzzle Will Fit with FTx POS’s Solutions for Full Service

Improve Guest Experience

Give your guests a remarkable experience by reducing wait times and catering to their requirements.

Save Time and Resource

Automate redundant tasks like order process and inventory tracking; save more time and resources.

Increase Revenue and Profits

Increase footfall to your restaurant and serve more customers in less time to increase revenue and profits

Best POS System for Full-Service Restaurants

Our POS for full-service restaurants enables restaurant managers to deliver their guests the best possible service and experience. The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and customers have too many options to choose from. Why should they choose you?

FTx POS gives your restaurant a competitive edge by allowing you to offer better service to your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some commonly asked questions about POS solutions for full-service restaurants.

Hardware is an integral part of the POS system. To gain maximum benefits from a POS system, purchase hardware and software, and use them together. Using software only reduces the system’s efficiency.

FTx POS software works best with the hardware we supply. While you can use our software with other hardware, we don’t recommend doing so. We advise using the software and hardware from the same provider to avoid technical and performance issues.

Yes, we take care of all the installation requirements. Our team will provide your store with the hardware and set it up at your desired location. Once the hardware is ready, our team will install the software. Once the installation is complete, you can use the system right away.

Every full-service restaurant that wants to improve customer experience and grow revenue needs a POS system. In this fast-paced era when customers want everything quickly, a POS helps you cater to those needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Restaurants operating without a POS will face a series of challenges. You’ll have to manually perform every task, like inventory tracking, order processing, payment processing, etc. This will result in higher costs, low productivity, and low revenue.

Our POS software for full-service restaurants comes with leading-edge cloud capabilities that allow you to manage your restaurant business from any device, including your phone. You can oversee your restaurant operations anytime and from anywhere.