FTx POS Offers a Powerful Suite of Fully Automated
POS Solutions for Fuel Retailers with Built-in Marketing Capabilities

FTx offers a complete fuel station management solution that helps you handle all aspects of your fuel business,
from payment processing to self-service to in-depth reports and analytics. 

Pos Software For The Fuel Industry

Feature-Packed POS Software for the Fuel Industry

Our feature-rich POS suite for fuel retailers helps you optimize each area of your business. You can offer convenience to your customers and increase customer loyalty, along with managing your back-end process and workforce. 

  • Price and promotion management features
  • Built-in marketing and customer management
  • Seamless payment processing with support for multiple payment methods
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At-pump Digital Signage To Promote Impulse Buys

At-Pump Digital Signage to Promote Impulse Buys

Our POS solution for fuel stations lets you leverage digital signage to direct customer attention and promote impulse purchases. Get more customers and gain an edge in the competitive fuel industry using gas station POS system.

  • Showcase real-time prices to remove doubt
  • Market your products and services
  • Build brand awareness and attract more customers
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Advanced Customer Loyalty Solutions

Advanced Customer Loyalty Solutions

Increase customer loyalty and customer retention with our POS suite for fuel stations and achieve exponential business growth. Our gas station POS system helps you create irresistible rewards programs that encourage drivers to return.

  • Communicate with customers and build meaningful relationships
  • Build and manage customer loyalty programs
  • Give personalized offers to increase engagement and loyalty
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Our Hardware Solutions

We have partnered with Hewlett-Packard to provide you with the most reliable and top-quality hardware for your pos system for gas station.

HP Engage One Stand

Customer Facing Display Stand
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Thermal Printer

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Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer
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Barcode Scanner

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Customer Facing Display

Customer Facing Display
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Digital Signage Android Media Player

retail digital signage hardware
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Mouse & Keyboard

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Unitech EA630 Android Handheld

automated warehouse management software for retailers
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HP Engage One Pro System

POS hardwaresolutions
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Convenience Store, Online Ordering, & Fueling Station Integrations

Our POS software solution includes accounting software, personnel software, and other tools so you can unify your business processes and be more productive. 

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Every Piece of the Profit Puzzle Will Fit with FTx POS’s Solutions for Fuel Retailers

Easy Multi-Location Management

Managing multiple fuel stations has never been easier. You can track the sales and performance of all your fuel stations with our POS system for fuel stations.

Fuel Management

Ensuring optimum stock levels around the clock is critical for fuel retailers. Our fuel pos system software comes with fuel management features to help you manage your inventory better. 

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support Team for Fuel Retail POS System

Our dedicated support team has always got your back. You can reach out to us in case of any queries or technical issues, and we will resolve your problems promptly. 

Take Your Fuel Retail to New Heights with FTx POS

Speed up your transactions and manage your convenience store purchases with our state-of-the-art fuel convenience POS system and fuel retail solutions. Powered by FTx POS, the mobile POS helps you handle consumers in rush hour and gives your cashiers the flexibility to quickly conclude transactions.

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frequently asked questions

Find answers to some commonly asked questions about POS solutions for gas stations.

A POS system helps fuel station owners and managers handle all the front-end and back-end processes from a single window. It eliminates most manual tasks, enabling you and your team to become more profitable. 

A fuel station POS helps you reduce unnecessary expenses, increasing the overall profitability. It also helps you attract more customers and increase customer loyalty, adding to higher revenue and gains. 

No, they’re not. However, the price of a POS system for retail gas stations depends on the features it offers. A fuel pos system with more features and integrations will cost more than a basic solution with minimal features.

Yes. FTx POS supports and provides all types of POS systems—mobile, tablet, terminal, and online POS.