Powerful Retail Technology

In this tech-driven era, retail businesses need to leverage technology to serve their customers better
and gain a competitive advantage. Our specialized POS solutions for retail stores and help you achieve your goals.

Use Personalization to Promote Upsells

Give your customers what they need and make them feel special and valued with FTx POS software.

Track, Manage, and Automate Inventory

Stay on top of your inventory, reduce inventory costs, and ensure optimum stock levels at all times.

Leverage Real-Time Business Insights

Collect and utilize in-depth customer and business insights to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Build Customer Relationships & Drive Sales

Cultivate meaningful customer relationships and drive sales and loyalty with our tailored solutions for retail store.

Automation Begins with FTx POS

Automate redundant processes and invest your efforts in work that matters. With our retail solutions,
you can streamline your repetitive tasks and make your operations more efficient.

point of sale system for grocery store


Deliver freshness to your customers and turn them into loyal consumers by automating your grocery store operations. 

  • Get your pricing right
  • Keep your inventory updated with fresh items
  • Identify and reward loyal customers
tobacco shop pos system


Automate inventory, staff management, and other back-end processes, and focus purely on your customers. 

  • Automate inventory tracking and management
  • Offer self-service functionality to customers
  • Boost customer experience and satisfaction
pos system for convenience store

Convenience Store

Optimize your convenience store operations and cater to customer requirements in a fast-paced environment with our retail solutions for convenience stores. 

  • Automate workflows
  • Streamline staff management and human resource tasks
  • Manage your inventory efficiently
liquor store pos software


Manage your liquor store with better control and effectiveness, and achieve superior growth and profitability.

  • Manage billing and invoicing effortlessly
  • Make more sales in less time
  • Stay compliant
vape shop pos software


Get rid of tedious vape shop management tasks and provide memorable experiences to your customers. 

  • Manage billing and invoicing effortlessly
  • Manage data, finances, and other back-end operations
  • Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty
cbd shop point of sale system


Boost the profitability of your CBD store and build a loyal customer base by automating your repetitive CBD shop tasks. 

  • Manage vendor and supplier relationships
  • Cater to unique customer requirements
  • Stay compliant and adhere to local laws
Gas Station POS Solutions


  • Automate your inventory and orders of your fuel convenience store
  • Permission based layout to give restricted controls to your cashiers and customers
  • Numerous integrated tools like biometric security, barcode scanner, digital signages control system, and loyalty software.
pet store pos software

Pet Shops

Offer delightful experiences to pet owners and guide your pet store to growth and profitability.

  • Deliver personalized services to each pet owners
  • Stay on top of your pet shop inventory
  • Offer loyalty benefits to returning customers
warehouse pos system

Warehouse Management

Automate redundant tasks, reduce inefficiencies, and set your warehousing business up for success and growth. 

  • Automated storage and retrieval system
  • Reduce labor and operational expenses
  • Increase warehouse throughput

Your Retail Business Deserves
the Best of Everything!

Learn how FTx POS takes care of your needs
with innovative solutions that are powerful and easy to use.

Total Retail Solutions

Upgrade your retail business and outperform your competitors with our retail solutions. 

Easy Switch-Over

Digital transformation has never been so easy. Our customizable solutions help you become technologically competent and increase your performance.

Expert Tech Support

Our tech support team resolves all your challenges so your business never gets affected. 

Complex Business Operations Made Simple with FTx POS

Centralize the way you control your business operations with FTx POS. Our advanced solutions are designed to cater to the needs of all types of businesses. With fast data reporting and analysis and integrated automated tools, you can manage your employees, inventory, POS, in-store marketing, loyalty, and manufacturer scan data operations in the most streamlined manner.

Talk To An Expert

frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

Retail businesses make numerous transactions daily, and having just a cash register won’t help a retail business grow in a competitive market. Having a point-of-sale system solves most of the retail business problems from one screen.
You can:

Streamline the checkout process

Offer more payment options

Manage orders both online and offline

Run discounts and other deals

Manage digital signage

Manage inventory and supply chain

Run loyalty programs

Save time and reduce human errors

Automate everyday tasks

Manage employees

And many more.

All of these things are tasks that you can control with the help of FTx POS. Other POS functionalities may vary.

To understand the prices, all of the FTx POS features, and how it can benefit your business, you can schedule a demo. Our POS and business solutions expert will get in touch with you, clear up all the doubts, and will also help you with the pricing. FTx POS is one of the most affordable POS and business solutions in the United States.

Yes. FTx POS is designed to be able to handle more than one store. Our POS is cloud-based and can store all the data centrally to help you access all the data remotely, and manage any POS of any store from one location.

FTx POS retail solutions include 24*7 technical support and hardware solutions through our hardware partner Hewlett-Packard.