Modern Technology for Dynamic Restaurants and Food Chains

FTx POS for food and beverage businesses is a revolutionary solution that helps you speed up business processes, boost staff productivity, and improve customer experience. It’s a single solution for all your management problems.

Accept and Process Orders

Automate order processing and reduce wait times with our POS solution for F&B businesses. The system lets you automate order workflow by sending orders to the chef as soon as they’re received.

Track and Manage Inventory

Never run out of stock and avoid material waste with the inventory management capabilities of our POS solution. FTx POS increases inventory transparency and helps you maintain adequate stock levels.

Accept Payments

Accept cash, cards, e-wallets, QR codes, NFC, and popular payment methods. Our system processes payments quickly, helping you serve more customers.

Integrate with Food Delivery Apps

Accept orders online from several food delivery apps with strong integration capabilities. The system integrates with various food delivery apps, enabling you to sell online and offline channels.

Automation Begins with FTx POS

Restaurants and cafes miss out on profits due to redundant tasks and slow operations.
FTx POS adds automation capabilities to your business and improves your bottom line.

quick service POS

Quick Service

Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) need super-quick management. With orders coming in every few minutes, you need to manage everything proactively and efficiently. With the FTx POS for food and beverage, you can improve customer experience and grow your business.

  • Improve customer experience by fulfilling orders fast and reducing waiting times
  • Accept multiple payment methods from one dashboard and cater to more customers
  • Increase inventory visibility and reduce the risk of unexpected stockouts
full service POS

Full Service

Managing a full-service restaurant means striking the perfect balance between offering a stellar customer experience and ensuring smooth back-end processes. The FTx POS for food and beverage allows you to manage all aspects of your full-service restaurant in one place.

  • Manage your restaurant proactively by anticipating inventory changes and staffing needs
  • Boost customer satisfaction by giving customers a pleasant, timely, and error-free experience
  • Streamline your marketing campaigns and loyalty programs to ensure better customer engagement
coffee shops POS

Coffee Shops

Get repeat customers and achieve exponential business growth with our food and beverage POS system. FTx POS streamlines your redundant tasks like billing and order management, allowing you to spend more time offering a better experience to your customers.

  • Get helpful resources to manage the front-end and back-end processes of your cafe
  • Manage loyalty program benefits and show your customers you appreciate them
  • Automate repetitive processes like billing and payment processing to free-up time
Bar POS Sotware

Bars & Breweries

Running a bar is fun and challenging at the same time. You need to offer the best experience to your customers while ensuring optimum stock levels and staff productivity. Our POS system for food and beverage is the perfect solution for bars and breweries to improve management, customer experience, and profits.

  • Keep your bar stocked with the correct quantity of materials while avoiding excess stock levels and wastage
  • Anticipate rush hours and prepare for them in advance to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Streamline processes like billing, payment processing, and loyalty program management from one place

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Cloud Technology

FTx POS uses advanced cloud technology. It’s available on all devices, including phones, tabs, and desktops.

Simple and Intuitive

Our POS solution has a small learning curve, and you can learn and use it even if you have zero technical knowledge.

Instant Support

If you run into any issues, drop us a message or give us a call, and our support representative will help you out.

Simplify Complex Tasks with FTx POS

Intelligent and efficient management is the key to customer satisfaction and revenue for restaurants and cafes. Our POS system for food and beverage lets you manage all your tasks better, providing a better customer experience. Our solution comprises helpful features to make your life easier. You can automate payments, orders, and marketing all from one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

Inefficient management, workforce issues, and low customer retention are the significant issues restaurants, bars, and cafes face. These problems collectively impact an F&B business’s revenue and sustainability.

A point of sale (POS) combines hardware and software tools implemented by restaurants and cafes to process orders and accept payment. These systems improve the management of a hotel or cafe by automating many repetitive and error-prone tasks. 

A POS system is essential for every food and beverage business. Customers want super-fast service, especially in quick-service restaurants. If you rely on manual procedures to accept and process orders, your customers will have to wait. POS systems speed things up, improving customer experience. 

Food and beverage POS is a specialized POS system designed for restaurants, cafes, and bars. It has features catering to these businesses, such as kitchen management and order management. It’s always better to opt for a specialized POS.

Some features to look for in a food and beverage POS system are intelligent inventory management, flexible payment options, seamless barcode scanning, reporting and analytics, and integrated hardware. Every POS is unique and has different features, but the POS you choose should have these features.

Depending on their application and location, food and beverage POS systems are of various types. Common POS types are terminal/desktop POS, tablet POS, mobile POS, and self-service kiosk POS. Most restaurants and cafes use a terminal POS.