Retail Business Solutions

With the retail sector becoming increasingly technology-driven, retail businesses need to become technologically competent.
Our industry-specific retail solutions help you gain a competitive edge and drive consistent business growth.

All-in-One Food & Beverage Solutions

Cultivate strong customer relationships, make the most of each guest interaction, and guide your business to success with
FTx POS retail solutions for food and beverage businesses.

quick service POS

Quick Service

With our POS solutions, you’ll be able to attend to more customers in less time and deliver the best quality service to your guests. Some of the many benefits of our software includes intuitive and easy-to-use POS software, reliable digital menus with dayparting, and full-fledged integration with the back kitchen.

full service POS

Full Service

Experience the opportunity to deliver outstanding experiences to your guests and turn them into loyal customers. For things to run smoothly, you’ll have the advantage of having organized digital menus for any time of the day while conveniently managing online orders and takeout orders in one easy spot. Customers also have the chance to earn rewards as a thanks for their support with the built-in loyalty solutions with our POS system.

coffee shops POS

Coffee Shops

Boost customer loyalty, experience, and profitability with the best coffee shop solutions in the market. With FTx POS, the best POS system for small businesses and enterprises, experience the seamless experience of accepting, entering, and managing orders. You will also be cutting down on long queues and wait times, especially with our self-service options and effortless payment functionality.

Bar POS Sotware

Bars & Breweries

Manage your bar operations better, promote customer engagement, and boost process efficiency. With our POS system, you have the convenience of managing bar stock anywhere and easily swapping out menus and happy hour specials. Additionally, you can also perform detailed reporting and access real-time data right from our POS system.

Professional Services

Get all the tools needed to grow and manage your service business.
Improve customer experience and boost profitability with FTx POS. 

pos for hospitality industry


Manage bookings, check-ins and check-outs, hotel services, inventory, and all other hotel processes from a single desk with FTx POS solutions for hospitality businesses.

gym pos software

Gym & Wellness

Manage client memberships, track equipment, and inventory, and make your gym’s operations more organized with our fully integrated array of solutions for gyms and wellness studios.

pos for salon businesses

Salon & Spa

Take your spa and salon business to the next level. FTx POS simplifies your front-desk operations so you can focus on delivering the best services to your customers.

pos solutions for home & repair service

Home & Repair

Accept service requests, manage your field workers, and collect payments on the go with mobile point of sale systems for small businesses & enterprises in home & repair businesses.


Enterprise Solutions

Business growth comes with increased management challenges. FTx POS offers enterprise packages to help growing organizations streamline all of their processes and drive organizational productivity. Our solutions fully integrate with one another, helping you optimize all aspects of your company. It enables seamless and real-time reporting, allowing you to track and maximize the performance of your sales team, marketing team, and other departments. The solutions come with seamless customization features so that you can create a personalized experience for your customers and staff at any level.



    With real-time reporting and analysis, you can track and manage your business operations more efficiently and take critical decisions at the right time to create the right impact.



    FTx POS’s enterprise point of sale solutions are cloud-based and support your business expansion by helping you manage your growing business needs.



    FTx Control Center gives you the ability to control your business operations from one portal and help you manage multiple channels. 

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The Right Tools Make All the Difference

Our business solutions simplify your job so that you can get to know your customers on a more personal level. With integrated tools to manage your accounting, payroll software, and loyalty rewards program, FTx POS allows you to upgrade your business to new heights.

Manage Your Inventory

manage your inventory

Track and manage your inventory levels and ensure optimum stock levels while reducing unnecessary inventory expenses.

Build Customer Relationships

build customer relationships

Build strong customer relationships, drive customer loyalty, and retain more customers with FTx POS.

Process Payments Fast

process payments fast

Accept payments from multiple methods such as cash, cards, digital wallets, and more, and cater to a larger customer base.

Sell In-store and Online

sell in- store and online

Sell in-store and online, and take your business to new heights with an all-in-one POS and ecommerce solution.

Easily Promote Sales

easily promote sales

Eliminate all your sales hassles and close more deals with the top POS and digital signage software in the industry.

Manage Your Finances

manage your finances

Leverage detailed reporting and analytics features to manage your finances and make more informed decisions. 


Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

In this highly competitive landscape, retail, food, and service businesses need to take every possible step to stay ahead of their competition. Digital solutions enable you to improve your operations, provide a better customer experience, and increase profitability, which helps you get that much-needed competitive edge. 

Yes, our solutions all integrate seamlessly with one another. Your product list in FTx Cloud POS can be used to create beautiful menus using FTx Digital Signage. All product imagery and pricing syncs to create a fully integrated experience.

Yes, we can. FTx POS takes care of all your data migration and import requirements. We ensure that you can access all your previous data and resume from where you left off.

There are all different types of POS systems, and you have to choose whichever is best for your business.

Types of POS systems:

1.Mobile POS system

2.Tablet POS system

3.Terminal POS system

4.Online POS system

5.Self-service kiosk POS system

6.Multichannel POS system

7.Open-source POS system

FTx POS provides almost all POS systems, depending on your business needs.