You can take a look at the wide range of solutions offered by us. Using these solutions, you can unlock your profit potential and create a difference. Our solutions help retailers spend less time dealing with technical issues so that they can focus on other core tasks of their business.

Improve Sales

Improve Sales

FTx POS has various software solutions that increase your profits. Turn your cashiers into sales superstars. Engage customers with promotions that entice them to buy your products as well as your slow sellers. Create specialty pricing and incentive programs that reward your customers and drive sales. We also offer reliable hardware packages and peripherals.

Improve Decisions

Improve Decisions

Stocking your store is one of the most vital decisions you make as a store owner. Our proprietary-suggested order algorithm helps you accurately identify how much stock you need on hand to keep your customers happy without tying up funds in stocks that aren’t selling.

Prevent Loss

Prevent Loss

As a retailer or wholesaler, it is crucial to protect your largest investment, i.e., your inventory. Keep customers coming back by ensuring that you always have enough products on hand to meet their demands. Inventory control is indispensable with identifying and preventing theft. FTx POS has required tools for tracking inventory accurately.

Generate Additional Revenue

Generate Additional Revenue

Turn first-time shoppers into loyal brand ambassadors. FTx POS’s built-in loyalty software solution allows a cashier to sign up a new customer in seconds. Would you like a marketing solution that not only drives sales but creates additional revenue? Turn your in-store digital signs into profit generators by selling ad space to manufacturers.

Take a Look at Our Other FTx Brands

Our brands are our pride. Years of hard work went into creating our brands to best serve
our clients with automated technologies and digital solutions.

FTx Global

FTx Global empowers business owners from every industry with our technologically advanced products. Enhance your sales and diversify your advertising with our full suite of business solutions. It provides automated retail POS solutions that quicken the billing process. Our web & mobile applications solutions give users a smooth and secure experience. Let our accounting solutions handle your bookkeeping needs with accurate, intuitive, and customizable functions. The brands offered by FTx Global have the power to grow your business.

FTx 360°

FTx 360° is here to back you up for your dream and expand your business digitally to every nook and corner of the world. It is a digital marketing agency that lends you the power to boost your digital presence worldwide. We offer a wide array of services to you that include consultations, analysis of your business domain for digital marketing, content writing, optimization, inbound marketing, and creating marketing strategies as per your business needs.

FTx Accounting

FTx Accounting is here to help you grow your business exponentially by offering numerous advanced accounting and bookkeeping services to manage all aspects of your A/R, A/P, payroll, tax, billing, payment, and data collection, as well as tracking expenses. Considered the best business accounting service company, FTx Accounting is suitable for all types of businesses, be it small businesses or enterprises.

FTx Identity

Eliminate fraud and avoid selling age-restricted products to minors with our easy-to-use and automated software product FTx Identity. FTx Identity offers futuristic age verification technology (AVT) that helps in seamless age verification and identity management, and has a unified login authentication and authorization system. Our age verification software seamlessly integrates with different devices like desktop, mobile, web applications, and your point of sale system. Speed up the checkout process and save time for your employees and customers with top-class reliability.

FTx Infotech

FTx Infotech is an indepenently owned company that focuses on scalable, sustainable, and emerging technologies. Our creative solutions help businesses grow and succeed in this ever-changing, complex, digital world. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the IT industry and has served more than 100 happy customers. We strive hard to simplify technological challenges and build a better tomorrow. We aim to deliver better and more valuable services to clients as a service provider. We follow the agile-driven methodology that helps us devise solutions with speed and accuracy.

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Retail stores use different types of companies for handling their books, and some even hire professional accountants and use software. FTx Accounting provides best-in-class retail shop accounting services to manage accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory expenses, transactions, billing, payments, and many other operations that pertain to accounts. FTx Accounting has a group of people who are extraordinarily skilled to keep your accounts in great shape.

Companies make use of digital marketing through PPC ad campaigns, email newsletters, social media contests, influencer marketing, crowd activations, and more. All of these can be put to use through FTx 360° digital marketing solutions.

It handles your billing and customer checkouts at the billing counter. Be it clothing retail or any other retail shop, the software manages the purchases, accepts transactions through debit/credit cards, helps your cashiers quickly retrieve the products’ details, and creates bills as accurately and prompty as possible. Moreover, the retail point of sale software is connected to inventory and other software types to manage the product’s, their quantity, and pricing.

We bring innovation and technology to industries like eCommerce, B2B, retail, fashion, professional services, real estate, healthcare, education & e-learning, food & restaurant, IT, and startups.