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FTx Commerce provides the scalable infrastructure to support enterprise-level business transactions that require power and simplicity.

  • Top-of-class features for business management
  • Features that handle high-volume business transactions, customizable employee permissions, and unlimited login accounts
  • Reliable web hosting, software updates, and PCI compliance is just the beginning
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FTx Commerce meets the unique business needs of B2B sellers who require complex CRM capabilities and comprehensive inventory management solutions.

  • Sell products, services, and SaaS solutions to other corporate and enterprise-level businesses with ease
  • Integrate multiple payment methods, currencies, and billing structures with complete accuracy
  • Depend on scalable software and hardware solutions that will grow with your business
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Eliminate integration headaches and sell both online and in-store with FTx Commerce, the selling platform that enables you to take your business anywhere.

  • Manage retail sales, eCommerce transactions, and trade show convention deals with ease
  • Generate comprehensive reports that span all sales channels and stay on top of your cash flow
  • Assign POS employee permissions and enjoy the best security features on the market
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FTx Commerce offers additional solutions to take your business to the next level. Our comprehensive business solutions were developed by leading technology specialists and include prime retail management features, as well as warehouse management systems, digital marketing solutions, and a full library of training videos.


FTx Commerce integrates seamlessly with FTx POS to provide a fully customizable, user-friendly system.

  • Automatic price changes to simplify your tasks
  • Product changes in the POS immediately reflect your online store from the Control Center
  • Our integration maintains a PCI compliant network


Our cloud-based dashboard gives you the freedom to create, edit, and schedule all of your digital content.

  • Easily upload photos, graphics, and media files to feature in your digital content
  • Select from our industry-specific layouts
  • Rotate your promotional ads with customer relationship building content


A biometric fingerprint scanner that identifies employees and eliminates in-store security risks

  • Prevent employee time theft
  • Control manager and employee permissions
  • Retain tighter managerial control over your employees


Granularly track sales and inventory with detail-rich custom reporting and easily import relevant data into accounting software.

  • Schedule commonly run reports to generate automatically
  • Import preformatted reports into your accounting software
  • Track inventory in real-time from any internet device


Powerful inventory control in the palm of your hand to streamline operations and enable communication across the sales and warehouse floors.

  • Prevent loss with inventory cycle counts
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage
  • Capture inventory data instantly


FTx POS has partnered with Hewlett-Packard to provide a 3-year warranty for computers and a 3-year advanced replacement on all peripherals.

  • Hardware packages designed and tested for reliability
  • Create a welcoming point of contact for your customers
  • Powerful, compact, and agile equipment that works as hard as you do

What Customers Say About Us

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What Customers Say About Us

Help us improve our productivity

I would recommend FasTrax to just about anybody because of the ease of use of most of the functionalities, which are pretty user-friendly—and the support staff is great. We’ve been able to get a hold of our inventory control, pull the necessary reports we’ve needed, and just had better overall control of the whole entire company.

Jeff Samona

POS Administrator, Wild Bill’s Tobacco

Help us improve our productivity

We’ve actually been with FasTrax since 1999. We use them because they’re one of the few technology companies with POS systems that are built for the tobacco company, that started in the tobacco industry, and actually caters to what we do every day. I would recommend FasTrax because of the people, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all about.

Shon Ross

Nothin’ Butt Smokes

Help us improve our productivity

I’ve been using FasTrax since about 2014. It’s a very, very simple program to understand. My favorite feature of the software is the filtering options, where I have the ability to recharacterize thousands of items with just a few mouse clicks. I am also now able to make price changes in a more timely manner—before, it would take a day; now it takes an hour or less.

Tony Cooper

Tobacco Junction

Help us improve our productivity

We’ve been using FasTrax pretty much since its inception. We feel that the FasTrax POS register systems are really user-friendly, and I think that the fact that the company that owns FasTrax has their own retail tobacco outlets gives us something that has skin in the game as far as the ability to understand all of our issues because they’re simpler.

Randy Silverman

Klafters Inc.


FTx Solutions offers a full library of training resources with new webinars, videos, and training documents added weekly.
These free resources are available to help you maximize the promotional power of the ads you design using FTx Commerce, as well as provide technical support for other FTx products you use.


Find answers to some commonly asked questions about FTx Commerce. 

To explain the requirements and issues you are facing in your business, you can schedule a free demo with us, and our solutions expert will contact you at your chosen time to listen to your issues and provide you with a scalable solution that helps you streamline your operation.

Yes, FTx Commerce provides enterprise-level eCommerce solutions from reliable web hosting and software updates to B2B commerce solutions like payment management, product management, inventory and supply chain management, marketing, employee management, and many more.

Definitely. Our solutions are scalable and smartly designed to help you scale your business or efficiently handle an already expanding business.

FTx Commerce is a fully customizable online shop where you can customize your categories, products, and your primary and secondary colors. It works as a standalone API solution that integrates seamlessly with FTx POS.