Cloud POS System


Our cloud POS is equipped with dependable security safeguards to shield your customers from fraud and your company from security lapses.

  • Quickly create custom panels and buttons
  • Easily assign employee permissions
  • Integrate with digital signage to maximize sales potential
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Our cloud POS comes with trusted security features to protect your customers from theft and safeguard your business against security breaches.

  • Customer facing displays for contactless payments
  • Configurable cashier permissions to reduce employee theft
  • Digital security interface and age verification safety measures
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Cloud POS with Digital Signage


Seamlessly integrate FTx Cloud POS with FTx Digital Signage to provide shoppers with an immersive customer experience that impacts revenue and ROI.

  • Transform customer facing displays into revenue-generating marketing tools
  • Efficiently manage your digital ads from our user-friendly Control Center
  • Schedule promotions in advance to run automatically
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Take your cloud-based POS system up a notch with these additional solutions from FTx POS, the leading technology specialists for retail POS, warehouse management systems, digital marketing solutions, and customer loyalty rewards programs.


Tailor-made inventory control designed specifically for your online lotto and lottery scratch-off games.

  • Quickly access which games are active
  • Automatically create invoices based on currently activated books


Prevent employee time theft and save thousands of dollars on your payroll with FTx Time Clock.

  • Put an end to misreporting hours on timesheets
  • Stop buddy punching in its tracks


A biometric fingerprint scanner that identifies employees and eliminates in-store security risks.

  • Prevent employee time theft
  • Control manager and employee permissions

Control Center

An inventory control center to keep you organized, your employees incentivized, and profits rising.

  • Make on-the-fly price book adjustments
  • Exercise ultimate control over inventory
  • Track and pay out spiffs and commissions


Granularly track sales and inventory with detail-rich custom reporting and easily import relevant data into accounting software.

  • Schedule commonly run reports to generate automatically
  • Generate preformatted reports to be used into your accounting software
  • Tracking inventory in real-time from any internet device


Powerful inventory control in the palm of your hand to streamline operations and enable communication across the sales and warehouse floors.

  • Prevent loss with inventory cycle counts
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage
  • Capture inventory data instantly


FTx POS has partnered with Hewlett-Packard to provide a 3-year warranty for computers and a 3-year advanced replacement on all peripherals.

  • Hardware packages designed and tested for reliability
  • Create a welcoming point of contact for your customers
  • Powerful, compact, and agile equipment that works as hard as you do


Accurately track inventory and automate daily warehouse operations with our comprehensive warehouse management software.

  • Location picking simplified to speed up order fulfillment
  • Electronically accept orders and send out invoices with EDI support
  • Assign complex price lists and account groups for fast access when building customer orders

What Customers Say About Us

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What Customers Say About Us

Help us improve our productivity

I would recommend FasTrax to just about anybody because of the ease of use of most of the functionalities, which are pretty user-friendly—and the support staff is great. We’ve been able to get a hold of our inventory control, pull the necessary reports we’ve needed, and just had better overall control of the whole entire company.

Jeff Samona

POS Administrator, Wild Bill’s Tobacco

Help us improve our productivity

We’ve actually been with FasTrax since 1999. We use them because they’re one of the few technology companies with POS systems that are built for the tobacco company, that started in the tobacco industry, and actually caters to what we do every day. I would recommend FasTrax because of the people, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all about.

Shon Ross

Nothin’ Butt Smokes

Help us improve our productivity

I’ve been using FasTrax since about 2014. It’s a very, very simple program to understand. My favorite feature of the software is the filtering options, where I have the ability to recharacterize thousands of items with just a few mouse clicks. I am also now able to make price changes in a more timely manner—before, it would take a day; now it takes an hour or less.

Tony Cooper

Tobacco Junction

Help us improve our productivity

We’ve been using FasTrax pretty much since its inception. We feel that the FasTrax POS register systems are really user-friendly, and I think that the fact that the company that owns FasTrax has their own retail tobacco outlets gives us something that has skin in the game as far as the ability to understand all of our issues because they’re simpler.

Randy Silverman

Klafters Inc.


FTx POS offers a full library of training recourses with new webinars, videos, and training documents added weekly.
These free resources are available to help you maximize the operational efficiency of your FTx POS system and our other solutions.

frequently asked questions

Find answers to some commonly asked questions about FTx Cloud POS. 

A cloud POS system is a web-based wireless point of sale system that uses cloud computing to help you perform all the point of sale processes online, and the data is encrypted and saved on separate cloud-based networks.

Yes. FTx Cloud POS is flexible and can offer real-time reporting and analytics functionalities.

Yes. We purposefully designed our cloud POS system to support unified commerce to help business owners streamline their business operations, save time, decrease errors, and enhance the customer experience for better revenue.

The FasTrax POS software is classified as a partial / supporting / modular application. We do not store credit card numbers within our system and have shown that we are in compliance with PA DDS (Payment Aplication Data Security Standards). We are not eligible for listing on the PCI SSC's website. A common misconception is that your POS software is responsible to ensure your store's PCI compliance. PCI compliance goes farther than that, and involves how you manage your network and passwords, among other things. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 256-319-3470, Option 1, during our normal business hours; Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm CST.