Why Your Point of Sale is the Secret to Better Customer Service

by 2022-09-01

Why Your Point of Sale is the Secret to Better Customer Service

Does this sound familiar? When the camera pans to a happy cashier scanning your groceries in vintage grocery store footage from the 1950s or those early 1990s advertisements promoting a weekend bargain on bar soap. The slightly grainy (and slightly nostalgic) video with the vibrant colors has a special place in our memories for a reason. This picture has a calmness to it that draws you in. The air is generally filled with the comforting sound of jazz as you get a bird’s eye view of the artfully arranged fresh fruit. After a long day, going food shopping can be soothing for many people and serves as a form of self-care. Having said that, your point of sale system (POS) can have an impact on your customers as well.

Your POS will be the last opportunity you have to make a good impression on your customers and it’s an integral part in developing long-lasting relationships. In order to win over loyal customers and develop a healthy bottom line, your choice of a POS system will be a key deciding element. In this day and age, here at FTx POS, we think a multi-functional digital POS is one of the quickest ways to improve customer service and, ultimately, boost the reputation of your brand.

The five reasons why will be covered in this blog. Let’s get started.

It becomes significantly simpler to make a purchase

Does this sound familiar? You’re on your way to work. Time is not on your side this morning as you scramble to orchestrate yourself for a long and busy Wednesday compiled of a few meetings and those assignments you need to get done. You snag that favorite cheese Danish and your go-to soda. The register breaks down. Then the cashier gets it up and running. Then, the barcode scanner will not scan your purchase. You’re running late. Your day feels ruined even though it barely started.

We get it; no customer wants to wait. Furthermore, you definitely don’t want them to wait. Maintaining a continuity of operations—that is, supporting simple transactions that move things forward with few errors and little to no wait time—is one way a robust POS system can keep your customers happy. Long lines and/or slow transactions can be partially alleviated by features like barcode scanning and mobile cash registers, however scanners sometimes malfunction and mobile POS systems frequently rely on shaky network connections. What should you do if you need a backup plan? Finding POS software that forgoes barcodes in favor of customizable rapid select keys and protects against network intrusions by quickly switching to offline mode whenever the Wi-Fi goes down is essential.

With a quick select function, you can create specific cashier buttons for each of your items to customize your POS interface to your inventory, preventing those dreaded customer interactions where your scanner hardware fails and a staff member must manually enter a ten-digit barcode while the customer waits (and we’ve all been there personally as customers ourselves). Additionally, you won’t ever have to stress about trying your customers’ patience while you desperately try to contact your ISP (internet service provider) and restore the network service thanks to the automated offline mode. Thanks to these built-in conveniences, you can anticipate a smooth process from purchase to purchase.

You’ll be able to implement smart incentives

POS services that offer thorough reporting on customer data are excellent, but what do you do with that information once you get it? A POS system with a built-in loyalty program that enables you to use customer data effectively. This feature may be customized to allow you to gather customer purchase information and designate reward points for VIP customers when they hit particular spending thresholds. These services enable you to search for people and their past purchases while storing customer data for future use.

Once you have access to this data, you can use the overall information to help give your company a more personalized feel. Why not reward a loyal customer with a quarterly coupon on the product if you see they purchase the same tub of cream cheese every week? Why not provide a customer with a loyalty card that would automatically grant them discounts for every $100 they spend if you find out they spend at least $200 each month at your business? When you utilize a multi-functional digital POS, you can activate many different features. Customer insight always leads to improved business, and these reward tools assist you in turning that knowledge into results that can be implemented, such creating incentives for sales and building a loyal customer base.

There will be fewer complex procedures and more employee-to-customer interaction

The greatest POS systems are the ones that give you business oversight in addition to customer insight, no matter how amazing loyalty programs built on aggregated customer data may be. Employees stand a higher chance of retaining customers and closing a deal when they have access to the most recent information about your items and supply levels. Why? Because proper inventory management may avoid extra work, free up employee time, and focus emphasis on the customer.

A more effective business is one that has POS inventory management functions, such as those that are standard with many POS systems. A customer has a question about an item that is not currently in stock. Let’s say they love a sweater they found on the clothing rack at the store, but you’re out of their size. With the press of a button, cashiers can check the status of product supply. Have a customer that is adamant about receiving that sweater by the day’s end? Employees can check inventory at several locations using a competent retail point of sale system, and they may direct customers to the corporate store that is closest to them and can best serve their needs.

There’s no need to worry about losing a sale as your floor crew frantically calls management to inquire about inventory figures for a certain merchandise item. You won’t have to worry about telling a customer to come back in a week or two since you don’t currently stock that specific item. Customers will have what they want when they want it and employees will have less time demands placed on them.

Your team will be grateful

A workforce that feels supported by the organizational framework of their company is a staff that is less stressed at work and handles their customers with respect. The main rule of any employee-customer contact is that both parties remain as courteous as possible and refrain from bringing personal grievances to the register. During an evening rush at a popular pizzeria on a Friday night, a restaurant point of sale system can malfunction and employees could become overworked. The lack of up-to-date stock information could make dealing with impatient customers uncomfortable, perhaps resulting in them leaving and going elsewhere for dinner. An example of this could be you not realizing your restaurant ran out of bacon to make your famous chicken bacon ranch pizza your customers look forward to every week as a result of inventory not being up to date.

Your employees find it more difficult to do their duties and to maintain a happy mood throughout each transaction as a result of all these minor inconveniences. Employees will be more motivated to treat your customers with the respect they deserve because quick select and inventory assessment functions make business transactions as easy and painless as possible. To add, systems that have sales suggestion and product photo integration features will speed up the sales process and perhaps motivate your team to make more sales and/or upsell where suitable.

You’ll stay current with technology

Nothing is more embarrassing for a retailer than an outdated retail POS system. Although it’s entertaining to see those old grocery store commercials, technology has advanced significantly since then. For instance, if your company still uses a manual cash register from the 1970s, only accepts cash, or doesn’t engage with customers digitally, you’re probably already quite a few steps behind. The resources you need to stay current and provide a shopping experience that feels pleasantly modern will be provided by any POS system that is worthwhile.

Multiple credit cards are accepted by most modern POS software, which also enables you to electronically save customer signatures and give email receipts to those who request one. Many POS systems now link with mobile devices like the iPad, allowing staff to process sales from anywhere on the floor. This is a clever way to show customers that your business has kept up with the current trends and is more approachable. For example, let’s say there’s a major rush of customers flowing into your store during the holidays (not to mention the line that’s already formed outside of it). To alleviate your stress and that of your customers, you have a few of your associates perform transactions via a mobile device as customers are waiting to be taken care of by a cashier. By doing this, the process goes smoother and your customers can resume their other errands as quickly as possible.

Our state-of-the-art POS software system can help your business grow by giving it a competitive edge and a unique presence.

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A POS is the most efficient way for retailers to manage their business, and here at FTx POS, we want to help you realize the full profit potential of having an industry-leading point of sale software system for your business. With our solution, you will experience a retail automation system that utilizes a user-friendly touch screen interface with an intuitive design and helps cashiers have a smooth transaction experience, helping to reduce transaction times. Taking care of business has never been quicker or easier!

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