Why You Need a Cloud POS Software for Your Retail Store

by 2022-09-15

Cloud-Based POS Software

The cloud is changing how we do business and it’s no surprise that cloud services have become so popular. You can pick out any business that has had rapid expansion over the past decade, and you will discover that they all provide cloud services, from Netflix and eBay to Pinterest and Etsy. In other words, SaaS (software as a service) or cloud computing eliminates the requirement for you to download or install files on your computer (remember the days of having to wait for a game on a CD to download to play on your desktop?). It has completely swept the business world. The future of the business world is now, and it’s all thanks to the cloud.

Cloud-based POS software has transformed the retail sector regarding B2B (business-to-business) SaaS by offering flexibility, scalability, and mobility like never before. Today’s cloud point of sale software supports cloud-based deployment or is getting ready to do so in the majority of cases. The global cloud point of sale market size was estimated at $2.24 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach $13.24 billion by 2028, showing a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 24.5% from 2020 to 2028, according to Allied Market Research’s 2022 Cloud POS Market Report. Cloud point of sale software is at its peak. Why? You’ll hear all about it in this blog.

Cloud-Based POS Software: The Future of Retail

A program known as point of sale (POS) software assists retail, restaurant, and other businesses in managing sales, inventory, purchases, billing, etc. Without needing to install anything, cloud-based point of sale software can be utilized through a web browser. Since the on-cloud point of sale solution is housed in the cloud, internet access is necessary to access its various capabilities.

All POS data is also kept on remote servers and is accessible from anywhere at any time. Employees of retail establishments can take control of their responsibilities by remotely accessing the POS software via their system, smartphone, or tablet. A cloud-based point of sale (POS) system, often known as SaaS (software as a service), enables companies to manage their inventory, track their billing, and accept payments online. On a computer system, it doesn’t need to be installed.

Which POS Software is Better: On-Premises or Cloud?

In every area of point of sale operations, cloud-based POS software excels over on-premises POS. How so? We have provided a comparison of cloud and on-premises POS based on key features.

  • Accessibility

    This is one of the major advantages of a cloud point of sale solution. Unlike on-premise POS systems, cloud-based retail POS can be accessed from anywhere, whether you’re actually at your stationary card boutique or waiting in line at the DMV making a sale with your much-loved creations from your phone.

  • Data Protection

    Users are in charge of all security measures while using on-premises POS software. If your system is unprotected, your data is too. Software data is kept on a cloud server in a cloud-based retail POS system. To adhere to legal requirements and protect your data, the majority of POS service providers spend much on security measures.

  • Downtimes

    This is perhaps the sole area where conventional POS systems thrive. On-premises software seldom experiences downtime given that it doesn’t require an internet connection. Although downtimes are to be expected from time to time, they can be minimized with a cloud point of sale. Even so, you should be aware that POS SaaS downtimes are rapidly handled and rectified. On-premises software downtimes, however, are more difficult to fix and demand technical know-how from the user.

  • Flexibility

    Scaling a cloud-based point of sale system according to business needs is simple. Users can choose to use or not use a feature whenever they want, depending on their needs, which is not feasible with on-server POS software.

  • Responsibility

    For on-premises POS, you must make hardware investments and bear responsibility for system updates, security issues, etc. With cloud-based point of sale software, the vendor is in charge of taking care of all the mentioned challenges. Some retail cloud POS solutions also include 24/7 online help for any problems or questions users may have.

Reasons to Purchase Cloud Point of Sale Software

Without having to install any files to the computer, a cloud-based POS software solution can help you optimize and automate all of your POS activities. Here are a few of the principal reasons for moving your retail operations to a cloud-based point of sale system:

  • The Integration of Online Sales Channels

    The integration of additional sales channels is one of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based POS. Your products can be sold simultaneously through a variety of sales channels. This implies that your store may accept online or mobile payments, and a retail cloud POS can effortlessly automate all of the invoicing, payment, and reporting processes.

  • Handling of Numerous Payment Methods

    Industry experts predict that by 2025, internet transaction processing will account for more than 65% of all transactions. With the use of cloud-based point of sale systems, businesses can interact with a number of payment portals and accept several payment types, including credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. As a result of being able to sell through more channels, your business’s potential to generate revenue is increased. Just imagine how convenient it would be for your business!

  • Reducing Reliance on Hardware

    Having a cloud-based point of sale system greatly reduces reliance on hardware. To conduct transactions utilizing a cloud point of sale solution, all you require is a functional internet connection. The productivity of your business will increase with a cloud-based POS because you won’t require a technical staff or technical expertise to administer, update, and maintain your system.

  • Chain Store Administration

    Retailers can conveniently manage multiple locations from a single dashboard thanks to cloud-based POS solutions. By simply integrating all transactions, inventory status, and store operations online, your business can be scaled over numerous physical storefronts with ease.

  • Simple-to-Scale Business

    With little effort, businesses can easily add new stores and channels thanks to a cloud point of sale solution for retail. Additionally, you can add new users by just giving them access to your login information. It is truly one of the easiest ways to grow your business without spending a lot on additional help or hardware costs.

  • Enhanced Agility

    A small business can easily transform into a scalable, well-organized business that can quickly respond to shifting market conditions by utilizing POS SaaS. For instance, with this flexibility, store owners of retail businesses can easily combine their point of sale system with a developing eCommerce platform. To help you understand this idea better, let’s utilize a hypothetical situation. A mother pays a visit to her recently engaged daughter. Realizing she forgot to buy that trinket from your shop, she is relieved to discover that she can easily order it from your online shop, allowing her to have it shipped to her daughter’s house (in secret, of course!) as opposed to having to wait for her return to your store to physically buy it in the store or settle for another gift somewhere else.

  • Data and Analytics in Real-Time

    With a cloud point of sale system, supervisors can gather and assess business data in real-time. This enables them to take important decisions based on information that could significantly improve the efficiency of your business’s operations. Let’s say you run out of the Boston cream donuts because they are so in demand at your bakery that they basically fly off the shelf. If this happens, you can quickly order ingredients utilizing a cloud point of sale solution, and you can relax knowing that your business will quickly resume operations.

  • Effective Communication

    The nicest feature about cloud point of sale systems is that they allow you to engage with your customers and staff through numerous channels. By logging into your system over the internet, you can keep in touch with your customer support team, sales representatives, vendors, and so on. Great customer experience is also provided by the cloud retail POS solution, which enables users to email and send SMS bills directly to customers in real-time. Convenience literally in the palm of a customer’s hands!

  • Long-Term Profitability

    Users who use cloud point of sale solutions get a full range of services and products. They enable retailers to select the kind of cloud platform that best suits their particular requirements in terms of cost, features, and accessibility to customer support. In the long run, this provides your business with significant savings. It lowers the cost of purchasing new hardware as well as the expense of hiring employees to install and maintain it.

  • Convenience

    A traditional POS system cannot offer the convenience, portability, and security that cloud-based POS software does. With cloud-based POS software, you can access your business’s data from any device without the need for an onsite server or other hardware. It is compatible with the majority of operating systems and gives you outstanding mobility across the board.

  • Access Via a Mobile Device

    Cloud point of sale systems’ best feature is that any smartphone or tablet can access them. The mobile app must be downloaded on your device, and you must log in online. As a result, retailers of all sizes may carry out their daily tasks swiftly and efficiently without having to spend time setting up terminals in various locations. Without cloud-based point of sale systems, features such as self-service and digital menus are not available.

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To Conclude

It won’t be long before every business switches to cloud services, whether it be for POS systems, billing software, or accounting software. In addition to being able to run on any device and not requiring local hardware or servers to hold your business data, cloud-based POS solutions also give you remarkable mobility across the board. If a business wishes to boost productivity and profits, they should utilize a cloud-based retail POS.

The groundbreaking FTx POS’s cloud POS system streamlines your transactions to guarantee operational effectiveness. This robust program, which is fully customizable and simple to use, can assist you in regaining control over your cash flow, boosting sales while spending less time on administrative duties. Furthermore, our robust and user-friendly retail automation solution makes it simple and fast to educate new cashiers. If you’re ready to take the next step in transforming your business and grabbing hold of today’s technology, get in touch with us today. Our cloud point of sale system is designed for retail businesses looking forward to what tomorrow will bring!

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