What Age Verification Means in the Digital World

by 2022-09-08

Age Verification Solution

A child may accidentally come across a webpage and become enthralled by the vibrant colors and creative fonts without considering the information contained within. Or a young teenager can use their parents’ credit cards to buy that brand-new video game they’ve had their eye on for weeks with just a few mouse clicks. Children can easily access the page in this technologically advanced age without an adequate way to verify their age, which could lead to the business having to face serious consequences should the child manage to get their hands on an adult-only product. Given the accessibility of the internet in this day and age, it is more crucial than ever for businesses to have a reliable age verification system in place to stop minors from accessing the explicit content that is available online.

According to Statista, there were five billion internet users globally as of April 2022, representing 63% of the world’s population. Since the internet has become a crucial part of contemporary society, it is impossible for us to imagine a world without it. When your favorite band played a concert in your town, do you remember needing to stand in line to buy a ticket? We can now easily purchase tickets online and view a digital view of the seat location and how close you are to the stage. What many of us once thought to be a luxury is now considered the norm in our daily lives. Consider how simple it is to get a fresh supply of laundry detergent and, in some cases, have it delivered to your door just hours after placing the order online.

Due to the widespread use of the internet, kids are exposed to a digital library with a vast amount of content, which has both positive and negative effects on them. Nowadays, children can complete their daily homework assignments online, and especially during the days of COVID-19, engage with their teachers and classmates with a webcam. Obtaining age-restricted goods online like CBD products and R-rated movies could be easy for children if the proper regulations are not followed in businesses, costing them a substantial fee or even putting their licenses at risk.

Nevertheless, due to the prevalence of age-restricted content on the internet, verifying an age is essential in this situation. The dangerous aspect is that they lack a reliable process for verifying an age, making them widely accessible. Additionally, they may become victims of online fraud or identity theft, which could cost their parents money. As a result, anxiety and depression can impact both parents and their kids’ mental health.

These days, kids are incredibly curious and love to browse the internet. Additionally, they have easy access to games and adult websites that restrict access based on age. They can purchase items that are prohibited from being purchased in the conventional world, such as alcohol or substances, and the websites that sell these items have very poor verification procedures, such as checkboxes that state “I confirm I am 18 or older” or “I agree.” And when they attempt to purchase these kinds of items, they can become victims of fraud and scams. Additionally, today’s kids are really passionate about gaming. As reported by Statista,21% of American gamers are under the age of 18, and they attempt to access or play games that have age restrictions.

However, the fundamental problem here is that some businesses don’t have a reliable method for online verification. These websites typically rely on outdated methods of verification, such as checkboxes that state “I am 18+” or “I agree with the age restriction policies,” which can be simple to bypass. We urgently require advanced tools like KYC (know your customer) to verify an age.

What is Online AVS (Age Verification Service)?

Before customers can access or make any purchases from online retailers, they must ensure that they comply with all applicable laws. Online AVS is a cutting-edge method of preventing minors from accessing inappropriate content. Online merchants have a responsibility to limit their customer base to those who can legally purchase their goods or services. Because it’s important to know your customers in online businesses, age verification practices for the internet helps sellers in getting their products in front of the proper people.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, the procedure for confirming someone’s age helps in bringing on legitimate customers. Typically, after entering one’s birthdate, a user uploads a photo of an official document, such as a driver’s license or ID card. The OCR (optical character recognition) technology then extracts data from the document and compares it to the data that the user has entered. The system identifies the user as being authentic if they meet the requirements.

Use Cases

With a market value of $776.4 million and over 2.7 billion players worldwide, e-gaming is a sizable industry. Because some games contain violent content and mature themes, it is crucial to make sure that the appropriate audience has access to those games. AVS makes it easier to spot and keep children from accessing or playing these kinds of games. While it is illegal for minors to purchase alcohol or tobacco, there are many online sites that sell these items. As a result, it is crucial to adopt AVS to stop minors from buying these items.

Children attempt to purchase various things online using their parents’ credit cards, and they can easily avoid checks to validate a transaction. However, occasionally they lose their login information to a fraudster, who then uses it to commit fraud. Parents filed a chargeback after learning about the purchase. To stop kids from purchasing items without their parents’ consent, it is crucial to utilize a verification process in eCommerce. For instance, because to its usage in the medicinal sector, the cultivation of cannabis is permitted in some countries. It is the duty of the sellers to sell their products to the appropriate customers, and they must confirm the purchasers’ age.

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To underline the need for a strong method for verifying an age in protecting our young generation from age-restricted content and products, which may be extremely detrimental to their future, it is crucial to emphasize it one more time before we conclude this blog. By utilizing or gaining access to items that are prohibited or illegal, children run the risk of damaging themselves. In order to onboard trustworthy customers, you must implement a system for verifying an age online if you operate an e-store and want to prevent issues like fraudulent chargebacks and credit card fraud. Additionally, it is your duty to sell your goods only to people who meet the requirements under the law if you are selling products with an age restriction.

Looking to take the next step but not sure where to begin? Here at FTx POS, you can experience FTx Identity, the quick and easy identity and age verification solution perfectly suited for businesses that sell age-restricted products that will eliminate the worry of accidentally selling to minors for good. And one of the best parts? You only need to confirm a customer’s identification once with the AI-based, multi-stage verification procedure. By searching a customer’s encrypted profile and comparing their selfie image to the photo on their ID, the facial recognition system can extract and verify a customer’s age. The customer’s identity and age will then be confirmed by automatically retrieving personal data from the ID and running a public record search. It’s that simple! Want to learn more? We’re here for you. Speak with one of our solution specialists and they’ll be happy to help!

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