Scaling Your Enterprise? We’ll Show You How to Choose the Right POS System!

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Best POS System for Scaling Your Enterprise

Managing and operating a retail store or enterprise requires numerous management and marketing skills. You need to manage the inventory, monthly sales, and reporting. All of these skills are essential to running your business or store smoothly. However, to accomplish all of these tasks, you need an efficient retail point of sale (POS) system or POS software, which as a result, will take your business to new heights.
A retail POS system manages your internal operations smoothly so you can save time and resources. But before we talk about an enterprise POS system or suite, we need to get into further detail about what a POS system entails.

A point of sale (POS) is a system or software where you can interact with your customer to receive the final payments. Each time a customer is completing a purchase, they are completing a point of sale with your business.
A POS is a combination of retail software and hardware that the merchant can use to process financial transactions. Before POS systems were created, businesses used the old cash register models to process financial transactions. Retail POS software has substantially changed physical retail and has given deep insight into all enterprises.

What are Retail POS Systems?

A retail POS system is a combination tool that allows you to scan a barcode, create a purchase order, and generate a receipt. With retail POS software, you can manage the inventory and oversee the analytics at the end of the month. A retailer can also manage and nurture relations with the customers by using CRM tools.

How Does a POS System Work for Businesses?

A POS system gives you the flexibility to accept payments, whether it be online or in-store sales. With POS software, you can track the sales. POS systems are digital and advanced, and in order to operate these systems, you need an app on any device, such as a laptop or phone. So how does a POS work?

  • Customer selects the products and proceeds with purchasing them A sales associate scans the barcode to check the final price of the product. POS systems such as Square provide you the flexibility and ease to scan the product with your device’s camera. This happens when a customer adds a product to their cart and clicks on the checkout button in an online store.
  • The POS System calculates the final price of the product Calculate the final price of the products, including discounts, MRP, or any other taxes. Keep track of the total number of items and inventory control.
  • The customer offers the payment and asks for the specific mode of payment Your customer may use any method such as debit card, credit card, loyalty points, or cash to complete the purchase. As per the payment, your customer’s bank will authorize the payment.
  • Mode of payment is selected When the mode of payment is selected and the customer has completed the verification, they can then generate a digital receipt for the purchased item.

How to Scale an Enterprise with a POS System

Scaling an enterprise or scaling a business refers to managing and increasing sales without expanding the overhead counts. For example, a sudden influx of customers may increase equipment, workforce, or software requirements, which may increase the internal cost. To scale the enterprise, you can manage the expenditure using the existing workforce and an enterprise POS system. This management helps you increase the profits.

How to Pick the Right POS System for Your Enterprise

Every business or enterprise has a different set of needs that may change after some time. As a result, you may require a POS system with great flexibility that doesn’t entail frequent changes. An enterprise POS suite can resolve your daily management and operation needs. Select an enterprise POS software based on the need and available features.

Here are a few points you need to understand when you are selecting an enterprise POS system:

  • Don’t just think about the size Scaling your enterprise means you are thinking of business growth. Growth depends on the overall speed of your work and deliverables. It is essential to provide the quality with the fastest service (for example, a restaurant). Being an enterprise, you require POS software with fast speed and with the latest sale solutions.
  • A smart POS with a regular upgrade facility Invest in a system that can grow as per the needs of your enterprise. In the event of sudden growth, your POS should be adaptable. Therefore, always select a POS system that can save your time and money.

The Common Types of Hardware and Software of a POS System

All POS systems contain POS software and hardware, but not every business needs the hardware. If you are running an online store, you don’t need a POS hardware system to manage your operations; POS software will resolve your issues.
But if you have physical stores like a retail shop, café, or any other kind of business, you might require a POS system with complete hardware like a register, card reader, receipt generator, etc. Select a POS system that can be customized as per your business needs.

Here are the types of software and hardware required for a POS system:

Features of POS System Hardware:

  • With common POS system types, there will be a register that helps you to calculate the customer transactions.
  • Connect a device like an iPad, monitor, or tablet that allows your staff to clock in and out.
  • Most POS systems come with a credit card reader, which allows your customer to pay their bills safely. In addition, some POS systems come with the latest contactless payment methods like Apple Pay or the touch and pay facility.
  • POS systems also provide you a cash drawer to accept cash payments. Connected POS software helps to make your cash drawer safe from any fraud by keeping track of drawer opening time.
  • Get a receipt printer with your POS system; it is important to generate a receipt when your customer purchases anything.

Features of POS Software

Every POS system comes with a different set of features when it comes to the software. Some retail POS systems allow you to customize the software as per your business needs.

For the most part, every POS system has these standard features:

  • Payment 
    Processing the payment is the core function of the retail POS system. With each transaction, your POS system generates information about the sold item. There are many modes of payment available in POS systems:

    • Cash payment
    • Online payment
    • Credit card with magnetic strips
    • Chip-enabled cards
    • Contactless payments like Google Pay or Apple Pay
    • Manual credit card detail entry
  • Management of Inventory Keep track of all your in-house products with inventory management software available on your POS software. In some of the POS systems, you may need to take separate inventory management software. This software helps you to keep track of sales data and stock availability.
  • Reporting Get a quick look at your sales and expenditure with the reporting feature of your POS software. These POS reports help you to analyze the data and make good business decisions.
  • Get Employee Management Employee management software helps you understand the performance of your team members or employees. You can get the features like a time clock and leave management in your existing POS software. You can also use this software for task management.
  • Get a Customer Relationship Management Tool Always select a POS software with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool as this tool helps you stay connected with your customers and their likings. With the help of CRM tools, you can manage communication, marketing, and customer service. Understand the behavior of your customers’ purchases and create offers for them accordingly.
    CRMs are very useful if your enterprise or business is online. Understanding your customer’s behavior CRM is very helpful in planning campaigns. CRM will also help in increasing sales.
  • Generate Receipt Generating receipts is an essential part of retail and online businesses. It helps customers to file their returns or refunds for the purchased item.
  • Tipping System This system may not be beneficial for all enterprises and businesses. However, hotels and restaurants will need such a feature in their POS software to manage the digital tips. That is, whenever a customer checks out wants to add some tips for the staff, they will be able to.

Scalability Requires Futuristic Technology –
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Why is a POS Necessary for Enterprise Scaling?

It is important to streamline the operations across all the channels, whether you are a native digital brand or a physical retail store. If you are a rapidly growing company, then you need to pay attention to purchasing a POS system. As an enterprise, you will face severe issues with inventory management without POS software. Avoid the dilemmas of overstock and stockout by using a good POS software for your business or enterprise.

What is a Cloud-based POS System?

A cloud-based POS system is a web-based product. This software as a service stores your information in a cloud environment instead of a computer. You can access your business data from anywhere, anytime via the internet. In traditional POS systems, this facility is not available.
Some other great features of a cloud-based POS system:

  • Access your data from anywhere, anytime
  • Get live inventory tracking with sale reporting
  • Make business decisions based on the available data
  • Save money as it doesn’t require software upgrades, licensing fees, or maintenance
  • Get automatic data backup to avoid any downtime

A cloud-based POS system helps to make your business more successful and mobile. The best feature is that you can take payments from your customers even if the internet gets interrupted. Furthermore, a cloud-based POS platform is an excellent choice for SMEs and businesses. You can keep complete track of your inventory and team even if you are out for a trade show.


Always prefer a retail POS system with the features like scheduling, time tracking, and inventory management. Check for your business needs, and if you think a cloud-based POS system is a better choice for you, then use that for your operations.
POS systems provide you the facility to manage from smaller to bigger jobs within your business. With them, you can now schedule an appointment with a customer, check history with invoices, or send offer emails. Track each day’s progress with a retail POS system and manage your business smartly.

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