How to Engage with Your Customers Through Identity Verification

by 2022-07-19

Identity Verification Technology

Although it is clear that things have changed since the pandemic and in-person interactions have decreased, your customers are now doing more business with you online. Although there is less of a chance of a pandemic now, there are more customers using digital platforms than physical ones. This necessitates a chance to increase your visibility to potential customers who haven’t yet discovered you. However, it could make you a target for unpleasant people.

FTx POS offers you FTx Identity to make sure your company is secure and your customers are who they claim to be. It is a system for managing identities, determining an individual’s age, and authenticating users. You can be confident you’re dealing with real customers thanks to the age verification technology with identity verification, which links a customer’s virtual identity to their actual identity. The software can easily manage IDs and secure your system from fraudulence and hacking by integrating identity verification into the registration process for your POS system.

Customer Identity Verification

Consumer identity verification works by verifying the end user’s identity and making sure their real-life and virtual identities are the same. The goal is to ensure that your company’s brand communicates with a real human being and not a hacker or fraudster. An identity verification service is usually deployed in the first interaction. To open an account, registration is required. Since there is a higher chance of fraud during the first engagement, it is crucial to inform one’s identity.

By utilizing an identity verification service, you can ask the customer to provide identification and reduce the risks of fraud and account takeover. Once the retailer is certain that the customer is legitimate, their security is boosted and their system is secured. If you work in the financial services or eCommerce industries, you can ask your customers to follow KYC regulations and adhere to AML rules.

Age Verification Software

An age verification process is very important for vaping, tobacco, and liquor retailers. They need proper age verification technology to detect the age of the buyer. Different countries have different age limits for liquor consumption. Once the buyer proves their age using their identity verification, they can make the purchase.

AI technology is used by age verification software to automate the process. By doing so, you can have the software check the customer’s age without providing a physical ID. To protect the customer’s information, the merchant will scan a QR code or their face with a scanner. Retailers can avoid selling age-restricted products thanks to this technology. FTx Identity is an online age verification tool powered by age verification technology that aids retailers in overcoming the challenge of age verification.

Why Do You Need Identity Verification?

Post-pandemic, customer preferences have changed. As a result, many businesses are putting digital strategies into practice to satisfy customer expectations. COVID-19 accelerated interactions that were primarily digital and confirmed the economic benefit of providing a secure and seamless virtual experience. For instance, 64% of checking account registrations were submitted online in 2020, the year COVID-19 was at its highest.

Companies search for ways to use customer identity technology to enhance their customers’ buying experiences as more and more customers sign up for online services. You may achieve the ideal harmony between security and ease with the aid of an identity management system. It decreases your risk of fraud while also introducing your customers to you in order to help you provide them with a positive experience.

Benefits of Using Identity Verification Technology

  • Information security is important and includes identity verification. It makes it easier for you to obtain a customer’s personal data. Identity theft and fraud are less likely to occur if you are familiar with a customer personally.
  • In the cloud, the data is kept in an encrypted format.
  • Because it is entirely consent-based, every action the technology takes is done with the user’s approval.
  • Shopping can be done both online and offline with this technology.

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Identity management has become important as more and more people switch to online shopping. Age verification is now essential given that minors can use the internet. It is advised that watchful retailers choose the best identity management options to attract customers and establish long-lasting relationships. To fulfill all of your needs, FTx POS serves as your one-stop solution. Develop identity verification and age verification solutions for your app or website by integrating FTx Identity with your FTx POS.

frequently asked questions

Age verification technology should be implemented by retailers of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, and e-cigarettes.

The software is cloud-based, and you have to pay for a monthly subscription.

It is AI-based. By scanning a person's face or QR code, the system can determine their age.

Yes. You can get in touch with the experts and request a demo. The experts will provide you with all the information.

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