What to Consider When Choosing the Right Tobacco Scan Data Incentive Program

by 2022-07-21

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With 148,026 c-stores in the United States, the convenience store sector is serving customers searching for means to secure money and time and offering easy access to customers to the products they want. Tobacco scan data incentive programs own a major part of the sales of c-stores. Apart from the highly monitored supervision of all sales of lottery tickets, the tobacco sector is a highly motivated sector and offers some of the most popular products available in c-stores. Here, we’ll see how tobacco sales have changed over the years and how convenience store retailers are utilizing this to their advantage to create a second source of income by selecting tobacco scan data incentive programs from the vendors. In actuality, they serve as a driving force behind the convenience store industry.

Rise of Tobacco Sales in Convenience Stores

Convenience stores and gas stations account for 71% of tobacco sales. Despite ongoing health warnings and alterations in customer behavior, tobacco continues to be a major sales point for convenience stores. Despite the popularity of vaping items and cigars, loose tobacco and cigars continue to be high earners.

Discounts of Tobacco Scan Data

Though regulations consistently add additional taxes on tobacco items, companies in this sector are trying to incentivize sales and use customer loyalty and habits to maintain their sales. But to achieve it, tobacco manufacturers require access to the shopping habits of customers. With the help of data, they can target loyalty programs, marketing strategies, and discount initiatives. So, how can they get their hands on this data? Rather than doing it independently, they incentivize store owners to just supply the required information by offering discounts to customers. This led to the rise of tobacco scan data programs.

To benefit from tobacco rebates provided by top companies in the industry, it is important to add the relevant data into a scan data POS system installed in your store. Once you have acquired the right program, you can add the products into the data module by products, brands, or sections. The tool offers you a list of the discounts offered by different manufacturers. Such multipack discounts help you manage the products’ pricing and are used in your POS pricing information.

The POS assists the stores in checking the sales data according to the brands and presenting it as a report each week. Depending on the number of cigarettes sold, retailers receive updates on the given schedule. This showcases how well their incentive program performed.

Benefits of FTx POS

Data collection and reporting are laborious and time-consuming tasks. For this reason, FTx POS enables you to automate the required procedure. To measure sales, top-selling products, incentives, reimbursements, and the number of customers, it offers direct reporting, enhanced data tracking, real-time price management, and buyer behavior recognition.

FTx POS uses a digital loyalty solution to earn more money by providing customers with deals and discounts. Depending on the offers and sales, it assists in managing and calculating tobacco scan data sales and incentives. Retailers now have the ability to compete with giant cigarette retailers.

Insights Gained by Tobacco Companies

When you think of advertising and collecting your customers’ purchasing habits in traditional ways, the tobacco vendors outsource them. Retail tobacco stores carry this burden. They get cash incentives in exchange for sales purchase data.

The companies acquire incredibly detailed trends. It gives them an idea of how appealing or unappealing their special offers are to the customers. They also know the usual purchasing patterns. Using these, along with avenues of advertising and incentives, c-store sales data proves to be a great opportunity for tobacco companies to save and retain their customers.

Need a Scan Data Incentive Program?

You can gain numerous benefits from scan data reporting and should look for the best scan data incentive program for your company. When choosing a scan data incentive program, you should consider different aspects. Some major considerations include cost, safety, installation time, automation, and compliance with every state regulation. 

Having trouble choosing a tobacco scan data incentive program? We can help!

For the best support, contact an FTx POS specialist.

Luckily, one of the best tobacco scan data POS for c-stores is FTx POS. It runs on a cloud-based network, offering quick setup, safe data collection, and customized programs to comply with rules. Other features of FTx POS involve automated report filing, data processing, and providing retailers with a detailed report at the end of every week, which can be passed to the tobacco companies. The FTx scan data POS system helps users know their system is safe, compliant with state rules, and efficient. It offers them the benefit of getting rebates for every deal they pass—meaning higher profits. Also, FTx doesn’t take a percentage like another incentive program for every rebate; it only takes a one-time installation charge. So, use FTx POS to help you get the full benefit of tobacco scan data.

frequently asked questions

Tobacco manufacturers use an incentive program known as tobacco scan data, which offers monetary advantages to retailers to develop a customer base for production companies to enhance their product and marketing strategies.

Of course. It is a win-win situation for the manufacturing companies, convenience store owners, and customers.

It is tough for retailers to collect data on their customers' buying behavior and patterns. However, with a POS system, the data can be collected immediately and shared with manufacturers in real-time.

Yes, the POS system works according to state regulations.

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