7 of the Best Practices for Managing Inventory and the Supply Chain in Warehouse Management Software

by 2022-08-30

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Do we really need warehouse management software today? Yes, without a doubt! Opportunities for profit and cost reduction increase as businesses develop and flourish. However, best practices are required to achieve these benefits, especially in the area of warehouse operations. Finding areas where costs can be reduced by implementing these best practices is the first step in cost minimization.

The warehouse operations must be properly planned and executed in order to store products that buyers are eager to buy. However, if they’re inadequate, your performance can suffer. Consequently, the demand for effective warehouse management software was born. By applying the best practices described in this blog, you can ensure that your inventory is properly maintained and organized.

7 of the Best Practices of Warehouse Management Software

Automate Your Warehouse Operations

When your warehouse runs on automation, you can fulfill two primary operations:

1. Timely Deliveries

Every organization wants to give its customers the best service possible and to keep its promises! With warehouse management software, delivering on this promise becomes easier as you can get real-time inventory information. Moreover, track the inventory and supply chain by automating the warehouse operations and scheduling orders for a quicker process.

Customers can enjoy a great shopping experience with the seamless integration of POS systems, online stores, and sales channels.

2. Manage Your Inventory from Anywhere

When customer expectations are at their peak and delivering a better customer experience is always in high demand, it is essential to have a proper hold of your warehouse. By installing inventory management software, you can conduct inventory inspections from anywhere. This will help improve your stocks, and spot inspections can help identify the gaps. With inventory management software, you can track the orders at any time and ultimately enhance your inventory.

3. Manage and Track Orders Effectively

Warehouse management software can help you organize your inflow and outflow of goods at the warehouse. A WMS puts all the “right orders in the right place” and ensures that products move through your facility efficiently. A WMS can also help you manage shipping and delivery. Certain warehouse management systems have connectivity to carrier networks, which can significantly improve shipping operations. Additionally, as automation integration becomes more prevalent, warehouse managers no longer have to run back and forth between products and shipping facilities. Nor would they need to enter data into a computer; they could sit back and watch their inventory grow.The best part of managing orders in a warehouse management system is that you can automate the ordering process based on sales history. This, in turn, avoids overstocking or understocking. Lastly, you can generate inventory and order reports and get real-time order insights.

4. Warehouse and Inventory Operations

An inventory management system tracks inventory data using barcode readers, RFID (radio frequency identification) tags, and other necessary hardware. This ensures that the most up-to-date information is readily accessible to anybody with access and permission. Additionally, the warehouse software allows staff to locate the products quickly when they need to move. A WMS manages processes such as tracking current inventory positions, stock level statuses, modification of goods information, and other related tasks. Good warehouse management software facilitates productivity by reducing errors and risks of improper packaging. Also, it assists in managing orders as anyone can access or modify the product information without being physically available. This reduces travel time, and in return, improves order pickup time.

5. Mass Updates

It is crucial to have a bulk update functionality in your WMS, allowing you to make bulk updates. Efficient warehouse management software can quickly update discounts and make necessary changes to display screens by making mass changes from any device. Moreover, you can instantly edit prices and inventory levels, all at your fingertips. Regarding inventory, you can also make changes across multiple storage locations, including grouping items and creating categories. Furthermore, you can schedule orders to run automatically, so you’re ready for your next scale. Manage hundreds and thousands of items easily with barcode aliases and more!

6. Integrate the Warehouse Management Software with Electronic Devices

Would you like to have a more streamlined inventory chain? A warehouse management system will do the job for you. You can easily coordinate your inventory’s inflow, outflow, and stock levels by electronically exchanging order data. This is possible with the in-built EDI (electronic data interchange) feature, which is capable of receiving and fulfilling orders. A hand scanner can also quickly record stock levels on warehouse shelves and manage orders. The integration also allows for order verification and avoids stifling the process because you can work from anywhere and create invoices using the mobile app!

7. Generate Reports

Warehouse management software generates inventory and sales to help you analyze your warehouse operations. You can also schedule weekly or monthly reports or any specific duration according to your needs. With the real-time reporting feature, you can find areas for improvement, make changes, or even make informed decisions based on the data.

Never again worry about effectively managing your warehouse operations

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Warehouse management software is essential for businesses. With continuous growth in businesses and warehouses, there has been an immediate need for software to ease these daily tasks. With the above features, you can streamline your warehouse activities and ensure you never run out of stock. While talking about warehouse management software, FTx POS offers a warehouse management solution that can oversee and manage all your operations. Take a quick look!

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