6 Reasons to Invest in a Tobacco Shop POS System and Boost Your Business

by 2022-08-09

Tobacco Shop POS System

Background Information

The tobacco industry is amongst the most profitable business in the United States. Even in this fiercely competitive market, tobacco shops continue to thrive. In fact, the United States has at least 380,000 tobacco retailers. If you’re considering joining their league, a POS system can make your business more profitable and efficient.

In any operation that sells inventory, it’s essential to have a POS system to track orders, monitor stock levels, and control expenses. Also, it is evident that since the pandemic, retail operations and digital engagements have changed. Technology provides an edge while operating business activities, which we will discuss with the tobacco POS solution. This blog will explore six reasons to invest in a tobacco shop POS system that can boost your business. Keep reading to learn more!

Track Sales and Monitor Inventory

One of the most crucial functionalities of a tobacco shop POS is its inventory tracking ability. In the past, a POS could only conduct and track sales. But modern POS is capable of tracking sales and inventory. It shows the current stock, the remaining list, and when it is time to restock. Moreover, with the sales and inventory capabilities integrated, you can check the remaining inventory on every sale.

Tip of the Day: You don’t need to constantly manually count the inventory on your shelves. The tobacco store POS system will automatically provide real-time information.

Automate Your Business Process

Those days are long gone when companies had to invest exceedingly long hours and deploy staff to count the daily or monthly stock. These days, companies cannot afford errors as it directly impacts sales. And why should any company struggle when such advanced technology is on the market? With an automated tobacco store point of sale, you can get detailed information about each product, streamline operations smoothly, and deliver highly effective customer service. Moreover, an automated POS can manage sales, stock, and internal staff activities; have complete product visibility and transparency; and get automated reports.

Tip of the Day: An automated tobacco store POS can also help upsell. How so? This is explained in detail in the Enhance Your Customer Experience section.

Age Verification Feature

A major alarming issue in tobacco stores is distinguishing between customers who are underage and those who are of legal age. Also, you can unintentionally break the law, and who wants that to happen? A tobacco store POS can scan customers’ IDs and ease your selling process. The age verification feature will help you understand your customers better and save yourself from legal problems.

Tip of the Day: After scanning the government-issued identification card, an automated age verification tobacco shop POS system automatically calculates the age. This way, you can have a stress-free selling experience.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Remember in the earlier section that we discussed automation and how it can help upsell? Well, this is it! Let’s get straight to it. You must understand a customer’s buying behavior for upselling and marketing activities. What happens next? You can provide deals and offers on their frequently purchased goods with customer information.

For example:

Customer: “Hi, I want to buy 1 packet of mint cigarettes.”

(With the purchase history, you can check that the customer has also purchased cigars in the past)

Cashier: “Welcome back. Of course. We also have an offer on bulk purchases. You get a packet of cigars with two packs of cigarettes at half price. Would you like to buy it?”

Customer: “Oh wow, why not? I want to take this offer. Thank you.”

Tip of the Day: A tobacco store’s point of sale system can keep track of customer data and improve the buying experience. As a result, you gain repeat business and even draw in new customers through your hospitality.

Reduces Operating Costs

We have all learned that slogan, “Time is money.” Well, this is an absolute truth when it comes to retail inventory. Every time the new stock is delivered, you cannot temporarily close the store for restocking or engaging your workforce in listing and arranging new inventory. A tobacco store POS avoids rework and multiple entries.

Also, you won’t have to send back a customer for unavoidable reasons. You can save a lot of time with a POS integrated with an inventory management system. Due to automation, inventory management has become simplified, causing a reduction in human errors.

Tip of the Day: A tobacco store POS can perform multiple functions such as data entry, inventory count, sales, customer retention offers, and more. Thus, you can save time and resources by investing in just one POS system.

POS-Based Marketing Tools 

Every business needs marketing. So, why not introduce such a feature in a POS system for working on the store’s requirements? How can you do so? A simple integration can work wonders! Work on enhancing your revenue and sales by integrating a digital signage system with your POS system. Each time customers order, they can view it on the digital signage and check the latest offers and deals. You can advertise and promote your best-selling products, give a walkthrough of your store or keep your customers engaged. Every digital signage can influence sales; all you need to do is create engaging and promotional campaigns.

Tip of the Day: Invest in tobacco store POS software that can be easily integrated into other systems. Digital signage helps a great deal with marketing activities. It can schedule ads for months or even years in advance!

Tobacco Store POS offers functions that can grow your business

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A tobacco store POS comes with numerous benefits! From performing mundane activities such as data entry to complicated activities like inventory management and marketing campaigns, a tobacco store POS does it all! Moreover, with automation and integration, things have become more straightforward.

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